Yankees: Who’s safe from Brian Cashman’s hand?

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Strength in arms

Luis Severino came in third last season in the Cy Young Award voting, so I think it’s safe to say that the 24-year-old’s job is not in jeopardy.

With his vicious splitter, Masahiro Tanaka doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon especially after the Yankees invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the Japanese born Tanaka, both in his actual contract and the international signing fee of $20 million.

Sonny Gray and Jordan Montgomery were two of the Yankees’ better pitchers statistically. Both are young and relatively cheap, Gray the more massive hit at $6.5 million.

So which pitchers would be available for trade? Well, look to the bullpen, and you’ll find a few above par relievers who could easily find themselves leaving New York.

David Robertson, yes David Robertson, who has filled in just about every relief situation possible. Who has accepted this new utility relief role with open arms? The replacement to Mariano Rivera, and didn’t do a lousy job at it.

Because of his fairly large salary, along with his age (32), Robertson is a prime candidate to sport a new uniform by the trade deadline.

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While I do not support a decision to trade Robertson, I acknowledge the ability to turn an older veteran into a few young guns. But the Yankees need to realize what they would be losing in Robertson.

Tommy Kahnle, with a salary around $1.3 million, is most definitely available for trade. After having his second very successful season, and seeing his fastball rise in velocity, Kahnle can supply value to any team as a middle reliever. And Kahnle, aged 28, still has some upside.

All the rest of the Yankees pitchers either look to be safe if Cashman decides to have a bit of a fire sale, especially just before a star-filled free agency coming after the 2018 season or have some possibility of being traded.

Because of the Yankees ability to make a run for a championship this coming season, along with the 2018-2019 offseason’s potential, and a roster filled with young talents and former stars, a plethora of players can be seeing their way out of Yankee Stadium sometime soon.

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But just because the Yankees have the possibility of a few trades, I do not expect the team to part ways with anybody of higher value than Robertson. I do not see, nor would I understand, toying with the core of the team.