Yankees top-30 prospects Part 1; a short look

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 26: Ben Heller
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 26: Ben Heller /
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Looking ahead

As we getter closer and closer to the Yankees’ top prospects, we see better and better players. Even within this list, the difference between the top and bottom is astounding.

The players we are going to take a continued look at are the following:

No. 20 Dermis Garcia

No. 19 Domingo German

No. 18 Hoy Jun Park

No. 17 Jake Cave

No. 16 Thairo Estrada

No. 15 Nolan Martinez

No. 14 Tyler Widener

No. 13 Tyler Austin (who apparently is still a prospect)

No. 12 Dillon Tate

No. 11 Clarke Schmidt

A couple of these guys have stuck around in the Yanks’ system for a while and are now on their way down.

Others such as Garcia, Schmidt and Tate may be on their way up. A couple may lose their rookie status next year (see Tyler Austin, Jake Cave and Domingo German).

All in all, these mid-level prospects are due for a major shake-up to come next year.