Yankees ghosts of players past haunt Mets owner Fred Wilpon

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Now, Back to 2000

“H: Well, okay, I remember that series. I actually watched it when it happened. And, um, I remember the Yankees beat them that year. And that wrapped up four WS titles in five years.

S: I seeeeee. Hum. And how did you dooooooooo that?

H: You know, like a lot of teams. We got lucky and found ourselves with a lot of homegrown talent in the early Nineties. So, uh, we, you know, invested money in their success. We surrounded them with some great talent that also produced for us at the right time.

Of course we didn’t know we were going to win that much, but we thought the point was to put ourselves into position to win; still, do.

S: You make some good poooooints! But, as the baseball savant Fred Wilpon is rumored to have said when a team such as the Yankees spends too much money on a player, it is bad for baseball! Doom. Doooooooooom!

H: Didn’t he sign Yoenis Cespedes to a four year, $110 million deal just last year?

S: Yes, but that’s an appppppppropriate amount! That was not the case when your brother signed Alex Rodriguez to his last, $275 million contract. See now as your team struggles with its payroll for years, only now coming out from under its weighty links!

By the way, I’m visiting Hank next. Now back to your liiiiiinnnnnnkkkkssss!

H: I agree, and there is a lot of truth there. But, Alex was the main reason we reached the WS in 2009. And winning it really helped our team financially.”