Yankees playoffs: The Bronx Beast has Awoken in the ALCS

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Only Winning a Championship will Impress These Yankees

And why would he be impressed? Aaron ripped the title of best player in the AL postseason from Altuve in games two thru four, and is currently slashing .313/.450/.813. Only Chase Headley has a better AVG and OBP, but Judge leads all other Baby Bombers in both, and the team in SLG.

No slight meant to the important contributions of Chase, but few would argue that Judge’s hits have had more impact. They’ve certainly produced more total bases.

Of his five hits, two have been home runs, another two were doubles, helping him amass six RBIs. Didi has more hits (6); Judge has more of everything else.

Like the Man Himself

But even total bases cannot fully summarize the impact Aaron’s home runs have had. When their biggest man starts to hit his biggest shots, it seems to energize his teammates disproportionate to the effect on the score.

They all seem to feel bigger, like they too can perform Herculean feats. They, too, can do things no one thought could be done. Like beat the best team in the AL, Cleveland. And put themselves in position to beat the second best, Houston.

Beating two 100-win teams in a row is not just overcoming odds, it’s defying all expectations. But that is what this team now does on a nightly basis. Especially now that every area of the team is playing up to capability.

The pitching arrived ready to compete at the highest level. Now, the offense has awoken to join them. And that’s not all that has arisen in the last four days.