Yankees playoffs: Judgment day arrives in the ALCS

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Rising from his Playoff Grave

In the playoffs, heroes are born and villains created. It took a postseason bat flip to vault Jose Bautista from the top ten to baseball’s most hated player. And of course there is always the hope for redemption.

You all know Girardi’s playoff arc by now. But this is not the end of that story. No, Joe’s rainbow-like arc will lead him to an off-season pot of gold. Literally, if that’s what he wants.

Because Joe Girardi is no longer the bungling, hesitant manager who cost his team a chance to win the ALDS. Now he is the emotional shepherd of a young and over-performing team, the man who inspires his players to rally to his cause, and take on the world.

At least that’s how his agent will portray him. And all he’ll have to do is read the newspapers. In one week, Joe changed his conversation with Hal Steinbrenner from, “Well, Joe, here’s what we’re offering you.”, to, “Well, Joe, what will it take to get you to stay?”

That’s not just rising from the dead, it’s ascending to payday heaven.

So many implications and reflections from one postseason. But the most important thing, for Yankees players and fans alike, is to appreciate this magical and improbable now.