Yankees playoffs: Baby Bombers prove all things possible for they who try

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And it was Truly Amazing

Veteran Aroldis Chapman was still looking for his moment when Game 5 started. He had done nothing but good things during this series coming into the game.

But on Wednesday, he did great things. And the grace he found on that fateful night shines all the way back to last October.

No matter what happens, Chapman can now go home justified, bathed in redemption. The same can be said for Joe Girardi.

Just days ago, he looked like a manager on the way out, one of the biggest reasons his team lost the ALDS. Now, he is the unquestioned leader of an over-performing Yankees team that rallied to his cause. And the win showed both his forethought and forthrightness.

Both Girardi and Chapman know that Chappy struggled in last season’s World Series because Joe Maddon overused him. That seemed to bleed into this year and haunted Chapman’s season. There was a time he looked lost.

My guess is that was the biggest prolonged struggle of his professional career.

From that moment on, Girardi and his staff took care of Aroldis. They built him back up mentally and psychologically. Being able to get those six outs in that last game against the team he failed against last year, looking every bit the bulldog he is, goes to Chapman’s credit. And Joe Girardi’s.