Yankees playoffs: The baby bombers are serving notice in the ALDS

New York Yankees hurler Luis Severino (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
New York Yankees hurler Luis Severino (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /
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Sorry for the, A Starlin is Born Line

Starlin seemed to start slowly but now he and Aaron Hicks are driving the offensive engine from the bottom of the order. Watching him play, it can sometimes seem like he is not a significant contributor. Perhaps that is because men with more talent share the same stage.

But few if any of them can boast Starlin’s slash: .278/.316/.389. He has the team lead in ALDS hits (five)—two of which were doubles—but only one RBI.

The only Yankees player to end the season with at least a .300 average is beginning to calm down, and rise up. He might take center stage if the Yankees get more games to play.

Castro is starting to reaffirm his great regular season; Aaron Hicks has reclaimed his.

Finding His Stroke

There were a few Yankees who came into the postseason trying to find redemption. Maybe none of them needed it more than Hicks.

If so, he has found it and then some. Hicks has retaken the starting center fielders job and will almost certainly enter spring training an assumed starter.

That’s what happens when you hit .313/.313/.563 with one each of a double and homer. Hicks-y has scored twice, driven in four runs and collected nine total bases. And his five hits tie him for the team lead. Now that is how you drive the offense.

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Hicks might find himself higher in the order in future playoff games. And that is as much because of his defense.

Remember that he came into the postseason struggling offensively after a long layoff. But Girardi always favors defense and started Hicks over the hotter Ellsbury.

That move has paid off as Hicks has played a tremendous center field. If defense wins championships, Hicks is on his way to unofficial Yankees ALDS MVP.

Contending with him would be another Baby Bomber with seemingly unlimited potential but who came in to the post with questions to answer, Gary Sanchez.