Yankees and Red Sox playoffs: The AL East in shambles

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A La Recherche du Temps Perdu

Sharing the Yankees ironic angst, the baseball gods have decided to make David Price Boston’s best postseason pitcher after years of October ineffectiveness. That just magnifies Farrell’s decision not to stretch him back out into a starter.

So, the Sox’s best starter right now is being used to bail the team out of jams once the damage has been done instead of leading them to a victory. This is all at a time when the Sox starting pitching has been there biggest problem.

Baseball is unpredictable but the fact that this backfired will be just one more nail in Farrell’s coffin.

And, just like the Yankees, the Sox have committed uncharacteristic errors. Mookie Betts mishandling his hand-off was as surprising to the Red Sox as it was damaging.

Not that the Yankees pitching and play in the field has been the best; far from it. Between them, they are showing the AL East is unready to play with serious title contenders: Too many mistakes, not enough pitching.