Yankees Joe Girardi and the hobgoblins of little minds

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However, this is not a philosophical endeavor. Again, sports is about results, as should be the judgments.

On June ninth, when the All-Star break began, the Yankees had the fourth best record in the AL (45-41). They were followed by TB, Minn, and KC. Today, the Yankees have the fourth best record in the AL. Only now they are followed by Minn, LA, and Texas.

And it’s difficult to blame Girardi that his team has not overtaken the Red Sox. The Yankees have seen most of their best players miss significant time, usually a month or more.

Boston has had to pay a certain Price this season, but nothing that compares to losing Didi, Starlin, Ellsbury, CC, and the August Mr. Sanchez, just to name a few.

That list does not include the litany of first basemen who have come and gone in 2017. In fact, instead of burying Girardi because the team is slated for the Wild Card game, he should be praised for keeping the team afloat while the talent returned and Judge slumped.

In case that sounds like an excuse, I will be clear: The Red Sox are the better team because they have the better record. If they have been more fortunate than the Yankees, then that is just part of the game. The Sox are talented and have earned thier first place position.

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Different teams have made runs in the second half. And every time a team won eleven of thirteen, commentators were sure the Yankees were in trouble, about to be bumped from their playoff perch.

Yet through it all, the Yankees have played consistently, Girardi never letting them get too high or too low. And they’ve gained ground.

Toronto had a run that was sure to propel them to the playoffs; today they are in last place. Tampa also made a run, but have fallen to fourth place and three games under .500. Seattle, Texas, and Kansas City all had brief but intriguing winning streaks. Now, all are on the outside looking in at the playoffs.

Today, those aforementioned Royals are one game under .500 and out of any playoff possibilities. Their make-up game on September 25th in the Bronx is important now only to Joe Girardi’s squad.

And that’s because the Yankees are currently 78-65 and look like one of the best teams in the AL.