Yankees: Should they stay with the plan or go for number 28?

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There’s no suspense in what Cashman will ultimately do

Bottom line, the Yankees belong to Brian Cashman, and he will make this decision solely on his own. If money becomes involved with cash being added to trades, then obviously he will consult with Hal Steinbrenner before pulling the plug on the deal.

Ditto if an agreement requires bringing in a player who has future on the contract he has with his current team.

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But otherwise, he is entrusted with the New York Yankees franchise. And judging by what he has accomplished in the last ten months or so, Yankees fans should be willing to give him the reins on this one.

So I’ve come this far, and it’s time not to be a fence sitter.

Brian Cashman will keep the Yankees intact for this season, letting it play out with what the teams currently is, which by most standards is a playoff bound team. And as we saw last night in the game facing a premier pitcher in Dallas Keuchel, they have their work cut out for them in a two out of three or three out of five playoff series.

But they do have, as was witnessed last night, a budding ace to back up Masahiro Tanaka in Michael Pineda. Plus, they have that bullpen that remains one of the most fearsome in baseball with Aroldis Chapman at the back end.

A field general in a war only changes his battle plan when it becomes evident to him that it was faulty, to begin with.

And until someone can convince me that the Master Plan drawn up by Cashman was flawed at its inception, I’m staying at ’17 and hoping the dealer draws a face card making the Yankees a winner.