Yankees: Should they stay with the plan or go for number 28?

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Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports /

The Yankees will shortly be facing the most crucial question of the 2017 season. Should they stick with the master plan drawn up by Brian Cashman, or go for World Championship #28?

The Yankees and their fans have to know that there’s no fence straddling in answering this question. And Monday morning quarterbacks, we have no use for you. Either get in the game now or stay home.

The Yankees have in no way reached the point of no return where decisions about players futures need to be made in May. And moves only become imminent when, and if, Cashman decides to
abandon the plan he outlined in the spring.

Most teams, as Buck Showalter has pointed out numerous times, look to Memorial Day as the time in the season when you can accurately see what you have and plan for the rest of the year.

Where are your holes and how do you intend, if you are going, to fill them. Do you have talent in the minor leagues to move someone in and what do you do with the player he is replacing on the 25-man squad?

Or, do you look outside the organization relying on your scouts and your baseball acumen to identify the player(s) you want to pursue via a trade?

Or, do you only say, Look, this guy’s really stinking up the joint right now but he has a tremendous upside, and we’re going to stick with him (Greg Bird), despite the fact that he’s been a detriment to the team thus far in the season.

Obviously, none of these questions have an easy answer as they pertain to the Yankees.  But that is the task that Brian Cashman is signed up to do, and answer them, he will.