Yankees: Four (More) Takeaways From Spring Training

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The Yankees are moving into the final weeks of Spring Training. While some of the questions they had a few weeks ago have been answered, a few other have arisen to take their place.

In a few days, the Yankees will begin to make the cuts that will whittle their roster down to the 25 players who will make the trip North with the team. Many of these decisions will be taxing and could have far-reaching implications for the organization and the players involved.

The team finds itself in the position of excelling on the field in Spring Training games. But at the same time, what would be the difference if the Yankees were 3-12 instead of 12-3 as play starts today? Because the last time we looked, all 30 teams still have a record of 0-0 .

But for the Yankees, and especially this year, everything matters. And while other teams may look at them with envy at the players they bring to these exhibition games and the future they hold, too much of anything is not, necessarily, a good thing.

Recently, shockwaves were sent through the camp as two decisions were announced that completely reverse what was thought to be, with the repercussions of those decisions still to be determined. And, we’ll get to that later.

Two weeks ago, I published a similar article titled Four Takeaways From Spring Training (So Far). This is an extension of that theme with four new and equally challenging questions about the direction the Yankees are taking.

And with the understanding that spring Training is always about a team “finding its way”,  the direction of the Yankees will not be settled when and if these questions get answered. But, at least at the moment, they hit the top of the charts.

We’ll begin where everything begins, and that’s pitching.