Yankees: Four Takeaways From Spring Training 2017 So Far

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The Yankees, even with four weeks remaining in Spring Training, already find themselves in a position where they can begin to sort things out at least internally, with regards to the team they will take North to start the 2017 season.

The Yankees have many players in their Spring Training camp who were they playing for another organization, could crack the starting lineup or pitching rotation. And if this year were next season when the likes of C C Sabathia, unless his contract is renewed, and Michael Pineda, who will be a free agent following this season, would no longer be in the rotation and the pitching staff would be wide open for the young talent to make the team.

And by then, maybe Brett Gardner will (finally) have been traded, and Jacoby Ellsbury would be put out to pasture collecting his well-unearned money. But to have to choose now and come up with your best 25 players is quite a challenge for the Yankees.

Luckily, these things usually have a way of sorting themselves out, and the cream rises to the top making decisions, at least for the moment easier. Injuries to key players can also become an unwanted factor, as in the case of Tyler Austin who is in the middle of rehabbing an injured foot. Overall, so far so good for the Yankees in that department. But, you never know.

With the ungodly length of Spring Training this year, the Yankees still have ample time to sort things out. But at the same time, there are a few things that stand out from what we’ve seen thus far from players who are competing for jobs.

It would be foolhardy to say these are a “lock,” but each of them is darn close to that. See if you agree.