The Yankees Twenty-Five Most Memorable Home Runs

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#13 A-Rod Records A Milestone Home Run

This one can only be described as a bomb. It was a majestic high arcing blast that seemed to disappear into the afternoon sun at Yankee Stadium just inside the left field fair pole. And there was no question that Alex Rodriguez knew he had it, his 500th home run as a major league player.

Rodriguez didn’t waste any time, accomplishing the feat in the first inning against the Kansas City Royals and pitcher, Kyle Davies on the first pitch he saw from the right-hander.

With that home run, Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player ever to reach the 500 home run plateau.

According to’s account of the game, Rodriguez ” threw his hands in the air after the ball landed in the seats and began trotting around the bases with a wide grin on his

face as the Yankee Stadium crowd cheered wildly.”

It was also a good day for the fan who caught the home run. According to an executive at Sotheby’s Collectibles, ” In 2010, Alex Rodriguez’s 500th career home run ball sold at auction for $103,579.20,”

On the day of #500, Rodriguez was leading the American League in home runs, causing manager Joe Torre to gush, telling CBS News:

"“Fifty home runs doesn’t seem to be an issue,” Torre said recently. “Fifty home runs. That’s incredible. You’re talking about his age, you’re talking about him hitting in the 50s — in a couple of years he’ll be going for No. 600.”"

It would take A-Rod a bit longer to get within reach of that next plateau, and ultimately the one beyond that too (700).