The Yankees Twenty-Five Most Memorable Home Runs

Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports /
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A totally befuddled Atlanta manager Bobby Cox, trying to find something that would dull the pain behind his eyes, would later tell ESPN, “It’s always somebody you don’t expect … you never know where it’s going to come from.”

Chad Curtis, another unexpected World Series hero. Just like that. And it’s not like the Yankees had never been bitten by players like Curtis before because the name Bill Mazeroski still means something in Yankees history.

Curtis hit a Mike Remlinger pitch and watched as left fielder Gerald Williams turned around after about two steps, and gave up chasing the ball as Curtis circled the bases securing a Yankees walk-off victory.

Later, Curtis would tell the New York Times,

"“I’ve never hit one in the regular season,” he said. “I’ve never hit a walk-off home run. And I’ve heard about people talk about tingling. I’ve never felt that before. But I think somewhere between second and third I felt like there was electricity running through my legs. You’re rounding third base and coming home, and you see all your teammates there waiting for you in a World Series game. It was a big thrill.”"

The home run by Curtis came as the lead-off batter in the bottom of the tenth inning.