New York Yankees Editorial: The Bronx is Boiling — The Curse of Robinson Cano

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Jul 8, 2015; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia (52) pitches against the Oakland Athletics during the first inning at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


Here is some food for thought. Jason Heyward is expected to command no lower than $20-million next year and some project as high as $25-million. JASON HEYWARD. His best season was his rookie year, and he didn’t even win Rookie of the Year!

Is he a stud defender? Yup. Is he having a nice bounce back in St. Louis? You betcha. Is he worth a 10-year, $25-mill (average) a year contract? You are out of your mind.

But that’s the way baseball goes these days. Players get paid. Sure, some players like Mike Trout take the “high road” — or at least make it seem that way — and take the home town discount. That deal that Trout signed ends in his age-28 season. If he continues what he has done so far, he WILL sign one of those 10-year mega deals and undoubtedly become the richest player maybe in any sport.

Baseball is a sport without salary cap, and the Yankees have never been shy about spending money until Hank and Hal took charge. In the two years that Robbie has been gone, the play at second base has been atroscious.

Yankees fans claimed that when the Yankees let Cano walk it freed up money for the big offseason that brought in Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran and Masahiro Tanaka.

Last year, I had to defend Brian McCann to thousands of Yankees fans who called him a bum for producing the same numbers he has his whole career. Or essentially, McCann got paid for exactly what he was expected to do, and the fault was in Yankees fans thinking a 30-year old catcher would suddenly become Babe Ruth with a short right field porch.

Most fans want to see Beltran retire, and every time Tanaka takes the mound, we have to hold our breath and hope that this isn’t the outing his elbow actually falls off. Phew, glad the Yankees reallocated their money wisely.

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