New York Yankees Editorial: The Bronx is Boiling — The Curse of Robinson Cano

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I have been a Cano supporter since day one. I have taken a lot of heat for it right here on Yanks Go Yard, simply for stating an opinion (you know, the exact job I was hired to do). I have been called a moron, an idiot, and one time I remember being asked in the comments if I was drunk while writing about why the Yankees needed to re-sign Cano.

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Yankees fans are bitter towards Robinson Cano. They claim it was because he took plays off, that — like the great Yankees hitting coach Kevin Lo…. ok, I can’t even finish that phrase in sarcasm — he was lazy and showed no hustle. People said he wanted one of those long term deals and that he didn’t deserve it because he would never keep up the pace.

The bottom line was that Yankees fans were scorned by the fact that someone came in and offered more money to Cano and he actually took it. “A true Yankee would never do that”, some said. But he did, and many fans looked for every excuse to hate Cano, when to this day, despite not playing nearly as well, I still like the guy.

So, before you go off in the comments, let me address the comments I already know are coming, one by one with at least some rational discourse to defend my claims.

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