New York Yankees Editorial: 5 Reason Why Bryce Harper will be a New York Yankee

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4. The Yankees Salary

By the time Bryce Harper is a free agent most of the Yankees big contracts will be gone. CC Sabathia’s contract will be up, and most high paid position players will also be gone. The only big contract position player left is Jacoby Ellsbury. When looking at the current roster to the New York Yankees roster in 2019, there are only two starting position players still on the team; Jacoby and Didi Gregorius.

With all of this money that could be available the Yankees will be able to spend money, and should be the highest bidder. The only reason the New York Yankees will not be the highest bidder will be the ownership. If Hal and Hank Steinbrenner do not want to give 40 million dollars to Bryce Harper, there most likely is another team that will give him lots of money.

With Bryce Harper being a Scott Boras client, and the potential marketing asset that Harper is, the Yankees would be wise in spending their money in Bryce Harper. I believe Hal and Hank Steinbrenner will see how much money they can make off of Bryce Harper, and will give Harper the biggest contract in the history of baseball