What Will A Week In San Diego Bring The Yankees?

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For Once, Will The Yankees Use Some Common Sense?

It’s highly unlikely that free agent lefty Jon Lester will ever don Yankees’ pinstripes, but in reality, it’s the move that should be New York’s priority. Left-handed pitchers are custom built for the Bronx, Lester is more polished as a pitcher than either Scherzer or James Shields, he has plenty of AL East experience, and doesn’t depend on a high-90s fastball to make his living. He is crafty, and smart, and he has the target of the Boston Red Sox on his back.

The name of the game is improving your team while weakening your opponents. The Yankees did just that last season by signing away Jacoby Ellsbury, and they can really strike fear into the rest of baseball if they were to come in over the top on Lester, and give him a deal that blows everyone else away. Boston owner John Henry is so obsessed with bringing Lester back to Boston, that he paid a visit to Lester’s Atlanta home this past weekend.

I see Lester aging gracefully like a Tom Glavine, rather than having his skills deteriorate to the point of uselessness like Sabathia. He would be the perfect #2 behind Masahiro Tanaka, and in front of Michael Pineda. Add in McCarthy and Sabathia on the back end of the rotation, and it would be both deep and experienced. This is the move the Yankees must make. If they allow Lester to return to Boston, and overpay for Scherzer, the Red Sox will help send the Yankees into a tailspin that could last for the next half decade.

Prediction: Lester returns to Boston on a 6-year, $155 million deal