Game 108 Preview: Yankees Look To Start Off Strong In Boston

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

What a week we’ve had. The Red Sox have completely gutted their 2014 roster, and are gearing up for a strong 2015. On the other side, the Yankees made a couple minor moves to help propel them into a last minute playoff push. The Yankees will not be facing Jon Lester or Jon Lackey this weekend. They both moved across the country. Instead, the Sox are putting together a last minute rotation that no team would be envious of.

The Yankees come into this game winning 5 of their last 10 and losing their last one. The Red Sox are just 2-8 in their last ten, including losing the last 3 in a row. They sit in last place in the AL East, and the moves they made yesterday all but assure that is where they will end up in October. The Yankees are 3 games above .500 on the year at (55-52) and sit 5 games back of the first place Baltimore Orioles.

While there is not a lot on the line for the Sox at this point, every single game for the Yankees has monumental consequences. With the red hot Blue Jays above them in the AL East, 9-1 in their last 10 and have won 6 in a row, the Yankees need to keep pace so they do not fall out of contention in early August.

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