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Alex Rodriguez Is Back In The News-In Case You Cared

With everything that has been happening with the Yankees lately, Derek Jeter’s first home run, Masahiro Tanaka trying to go for 24-0 in the states, Mark Teixeira finding his home run swing, isn’t it time we heard some real exciting news? Alex Rodriguez is apparently going to school this off-season (we can call it that for him right?) to receive his Masters in Business Administration (MBA). For a guy that has so much money and nothing but time on his hands, I’m glad to see he’s going to school so he can finally start that small business he always wanted.

He has reportedly been spending a lot of time with financial bigwigs like Steve Cohen and Warren Buffet, including going to the shareholder meeting for Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway out in California. Since seeing the business side of life with time to kill, reports have surfaced that he is earning his MBA from the University of Miami. He’s lucky, to get my MBA I had to sit through four years of liberal arts college first. Then I still had to sit in school for two more years for the MBA itself. I guess having hundreds of millions of dollars lets you skip that part.

Of course with such a large sum of money, it couldn’t hurt to get some business knowledge so that you aren’t depending on those around you to always make your financial decisions. As much as Rodriguez has turned himself into a villain in New York, he’s always been an extremely smart person. While it would be nice to hear about him spending time with underprivileged children, sitting in on some business classes could benefit everyone in the long run as he’ll have more money to give to communities in need. If he needs any help opening a bar, someone tell him to give me a call. After all, two MBAs are better than one.

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