Remnants of the debris from the explosion in East Harlem. Mandatory Credit: Julio Cortez/AP

Yanks Donate $50K to Harlem Building Explosion Victims

Throughout the years, the Yankees have continuously shown time and time again why they are such a historic and beloved team for their play on the field. They’ve also shown their compassion and generosity off the field, by having their annual Hope Week every year, visiting many different New York hospitals, and by visiting Ground Zero right after 9/11 to comfort family and friends of those lost, and to pay their respects to the victims.

The Yanks have always been that model franchise, and they continued that generosity this week, when they donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross to support ongoing relief efforts for the building explosion that took place last week in East Harlem, which killed eight, and left at least 70 more injured. New York City Football Club, the MLS team co-owned by the Yankees and Manchester City Football Club, pledged an additional contribution of $15,000 for a total donation of $65,000. The funds will be allocated by the American Red Cross, which continues to provide critical services to those affected by the March 12 explosion.

“Almost one week after the explosion, the vital work of providing relief services to those affected by this tragedy continues,” said Josh Lockwood, CEO of the American Red Cross Greater New York Region. “Currently, a multi-lingual Red Cross response team is at the NY City Resident Service Center providing one-on-one case management and emotional support. On behalf of all those we serve, we thank our generous partners – the New York Yankees and New York City Football Club – for helping to make this possible.” Just another example of why the Yankees are the kings of New York.

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