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What Alex Rodriguez Can And Can't Do

Alex Rodriguez has a full season to think about his actions after dropping lawsuits in an attempt to overturn his suspension. Luckily for the Yankees, he does not plan on making an appearance in Spring Training either. That leaves A-Rod with a lot of time on his hands. How he spends this time will be completely up to the third baseman… well, not exactly. The language of his contract forbids him from doing many baseball related activities.

Can Alex attend any MLB games this summer? Sure he could. It’s not that easy though. If he were to attend an MLB game, he would have to have permission from the club. That’s not all. He must not be in uniform and cannot be in the dugout, on the field, or even with his teammates. On top of that, he cannot even bee seen by the fans once the gates open.

Can he pay a visit to his Yankee teammates in the clubhouse? It would be the Yankees decision whether or not to let him in so most likely no. If he is permitted access, he cannot be in the clubhouse while reporters are.

Can Rodriguez use MLB training facilities? A suspended player is able to work out at facilities but only at certain times.  The club will decide whether or not to allow a suspended player to work out in club facilities. If granted, he can work out  at any time on non-game days and on game days up until gates are opened.

Can the slugger play in an independent league or in Japan? The answer is no. While being under contract, he is not permitted to play in either league. Can A-Rod still be drug tested? Absolutely. A player suspended is subject to drug tests at any time.

Can Rodriguez’s merchandise still be sold? A suspension does not affect a player’s merchandise. His merchandise is still being sold even though I don’t think too many people are in the market for A-Rod gear right now.

Finally, does the Yankees infielder have to reapply for reinstatement or will he automatically be reinstated? A suspended player will be reinstated immediately following the conclusion of his suspension.

As for everything else, most things are the club’s choice. With the relationship the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez have, it doesn’t look like anyone will see or hear from Alex Rodriguez for a long time.

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