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David Phelps Likes What He Sees With Jeter

After a season of bad news on top of bad news, the Yankees and their fans are looking for anything positive to go their way heading into 2014. The Yankees were able to shell out a boat load of money to sign key free agents Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Masahiro Tanaka. Even with these big signings, The Yankees need other pieces to fall into place to ensure a successful season.

David Phelps has given us all something to smile about by providing us with a very optimistic report on the shortstop. “Derek looks amazing, from what I’ve seen,” said a thrilled David Phelps on Wednesday. Derek Jeter has been working very hard this offseason and while being there only a week, Phelps sees a clear difference. “You can tell he’s determined to go out there and do well,” the pitcher added.

A lot of people believe Jeter may never return to form especially when he’s turning 40 in June. He has defied the odds before and this season may be no exception. Phelps believes we’ll see the same old Derek in 2014. “If you had to place a bet on it, you know he is going to go out there and have a good year. That’s just the guy he is. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play again.”

The captain is the heart and soul of this team and has been for quite some time. Even if he is nearing the end of his career, players like David Phelps realize how important he still is to the organization. ”You look in the past and this team is usually only as strong as he is. He’s definitely our backbone. It’s going to be nice having him back there behind us every game, that’s for sure.”

The righty even went a step  further to really get the point across of how respected and valuable Jeter is: “He’s got his foundation under him again. He’s been the backbone of this organization for so long, and he is the only one of the Core Four left going. He means a lot to this organization. We do a lot better when he is in our lineup.”

Spring training is just about here and Jeter has been working hard for a few weeks now. All the reports on him have been very good but when these reports are coming from eye witnesses such as players, they really stand out. Things are going in the right direction for the 39-year-old but he has made it clear multiple times that the goal is Opening Day, not Spring Training.

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