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Christmas Week Edition: This Date In Yankees History-December 28th

We are inching closer to the start of 2014, and we are winding down our Christmas Week Edition of “This Date in Yankees History.” As expected, other than a mega-signing from free agency or a blockbuster trade, the events in Yankees history tend to be somewhat off the wall, or tidbits in the rich and long history of the most celebrated franchise in professional sports. We hope you enjoy today’s edition of the series.

December 28th

On this date back in 1957, U.S. Representative Kenneth Keating, a member of the House Anti-trust Committee, seeks to reopen their sports hearings. The reason behind this move, is because CBS announced that they will not broadcast any major league game into an area that has a minor league baseball game in progress. CBS entered into an agreement with six big league teams, including the Yankees, to nationally televise games on Sunday’s the following season.

In one of the biggest announcements in New York baseball history, soon to be ex-New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on this day in 2001, that the city and both the Yankees and New York Mets have agreed to the construction of a pair of retractable-roof dome stadiums for $800 million dollars each. In-coming mayor Mike Bloomberg voices concerns whether the city can over whether the city can afford a public/private venture of this magnitude. Bloomberg has final say over the $1.6 billion dollar project for the stadiums, which will become the largest baseball project in history.

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