Sep 28, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano (24) warms up before a game against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Why Robinson Cano Had To Hold Back The Tears

Just why did Robinson Cano have to fight back the tears when he was interviewed about his decision to leave the New York Yankees for the Seattle Mariners? It’s because in his heart he knows everyting he has lost by taking the money.

At first, it was a reaction of denial. It was the same feeling that came when Bobby Murcer was traded to the Giants and Walt Frazier went to Cleveland from the New York Knicks. It just couldn’t be true. Some players just don’t belong in different uniforms.
Cano’s explanation for his decision changed the sadness to anger. Sure, all Yankees fans wish him well. But his reasoning is a slap in our faces. Cano said he wanted to be able to finish his career. It was about the years, not the money.

Well, Robbie, your legacy is already finished. It ended the minute you signed that deal. It sure was convenient the way  they arranged the deal so that the Mariners were paying one million less per year than what the Yankees offered. That made it look like the Yankees had forced you into the decision by not offering more years.

The anger comes from you not being straight with us. The truth is that you don’t believe that you will continue to produce at the same level any more than the Yankees do. If you believed that, you could have adjusted for inflation and asked for more at the end of the Yankees deal. But that could have resulted in a pay cut if your stats were not there. So, at the end of the day it was about the money, wasn´t  it?
Plus, the dimensions at Safeco Field as compared to Yankee Stadium don´t work in your favor.  And the statistics of team home runs at home versus on the road for the two parks show that your power production is likely to go down. The right field foul line is 326 feet at Safeco compared to 314 at Yankee Stadium. Right center is 381 to 371. That may not sound like much, Robbie, but you sure left a lot of balls on the warning track a couple of years ago at the Home Run Derby, didn´t you?
And the new Yankee Stadium helped you to boost your numbers in the first place.  You went from one home run in every 34 at bats at the old Yankee Stadium compared to one in every 19 at the new one. The new Stadium, with its favorable dimensions, helped make you who you are today.
So what have you given up, Robbie? A Robinson Cano Retirement Celebration at Yankee Stadium, for one. Your number being retired by the Yankees. for another. And a place in Monument Park. Ten years from now a new generation of fans will have grown up who probably won’t even remember that you ever played for the Yankees.
Still, one thing you will never give up is your place in our hearts. We truly wish you well. But don´t try to make us think the Yankees made you a victim in this. If Seattle is where you want to be, that´s fine. The Yankees will win without you.You will never give up your place in our hearts. But if Seattle is where you want to be, then fine. The Yankees will win without you.

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