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No way the Seattle Mariners land Robinson Cano

The Seattle Mariners have been trying for years to land a big bat via the trade market or free-agency, and every time, they fail to do so. We saw it with Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli last offseason, and not we might see it again.

The Mariners have found themselves in the market for the best player in the market once again, this time All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano.

Seattle appears to be all-in on their pursuit of the second baseman, after having a meeting with Cano’s representatives last Tuesday that was said to have gone “very, very well.” George King of the NY Post says that there is a belief the Mariners are preparing to offer Cano a deal for eight-years, $205 million — both being numbers that the New York Yankees say they aren’t going to touch.

The Yankees have been standing firm at seven-years, $175 million, and don’t have plans to offer anything starting with a “2.” Cano, during a meeting with the Yankees before Thanksgiving, proposed a nine-year, $250-$260 million deal with a vesting option for a tenth year, and the Yankees said no to that.

The Yankees past experiences with Alex Rodriguez, and seeing what’s happened around the league with other long-term deals such as Albert Pujols‘ 10-year pact with the Los Angeles Angels, the team has felt no willingness to offer anything over seven-years.

In my opinion, I think that Cano will get a deal done with the Yankees and be in pinstripes on Opening Day. After seeing the moves the Yankees have been making this off-season, adding Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury, Cano would have to think that winning is a lot more likely in New York rather than Seattle where people don’t even remember the last time the M’s made the playoffs.

Which brings me to this question: Does Seattle, in Cano’s mind, have a shot of winning him over even if they blow him away with a big contract? I don’t think so.

At the beginning of the year, Cano left Scott Boras, the biggest, baddest agent in the game that would almost certainly get Cano the money he’s looking for, and hired music mogul Jay Z, a guy that had never negotiated a contract for a professional athlete. Jay Z, as you might know, as a New York guy, and noted Yankees fan. Why would Cano leave Boris for Jay Z if he didn’t have the intention of returning to the Bronx next season?

Also, why would Cano, being a guy that likes the glamour of New York, leave the city for the quiet and rainy Pacific Northwest? No knock on Seattle, but it’s no New York, clearly. The night clubs in Seattle aren’t what they are in New York.

If Cano really wants to go to Seattle because there might be more money leading him there, then the Yankees will have no problem letting him walk. If Cano decides that is what he wants to do, then I think he’ll end up regretting that decision. Bringing in Cano does not make the Mariners better than the Oakland Athletics and Texas Rangers in the AL West, and it certainly won’t make them better than the Yankees.

All I’m saying is that we see it every year with the Mariners. They get caught up being interested in every top hitter on the market, yet they can’t reel any of them in. Robinson Cano, in my mind, will be the next player that got away.

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  • Jd

    I have to completely disagree with you this time.
    Most writers and sports talk show guys were claiming that the Ellsbury deal was pretty much a guarantee that Cano would come back to the Yankees.
    Me, I have the complete opposite outlook.
    When the Yankees outlandishly, if that’s even a word, over paid for Ellsbury, that was the icing on the cake for Cano’s departure.

    The Yankees preached, we simply will stay away from long term contracts from now on. Now, while 7 years for a 30 year old isn’t really a long-term contract. Giving 21 million dollars a year to an injury prone CF, whose had 1 great season in his career, is a complete slap in the face to Cano.

    If anyone thinks that Cano isn’t worth 5 million dollars a year more than Ellsbury, they’re crazy. And people who keep bringing up the Arod, pujols and Hamilton contracts as reason for not giving Cano his money, again, crazy.

    First of all, people can say whatever they want, comparing those 3 to Cano is absurd.
    Because we all know Arod is a ped user and even if people think pujols and Hamilton aren’t, 1, they’re crazy, because they are. But 2, all 3 have had injuries, Cano is always healthy and can move to either 3rd or 1st later in his career.

    Andmnow we’re looking at a situation where the Yankees will have to add at least 2 bats to make up for losing Cano. And if people think Kelly Johnson is an answer, stop reading now. And if anyone thinks adding Omar Infante is the answer, laughable. I’m not knocking Infante, he’s a good 2nd baseman, but he’s not even close to Cano. And his production is very misleading. He played in Detroit with a completely different philosophy at the plate, work counts, move runners over and let your big bats get em in. And having Austin Jackson, Johnny Peralta (100) games, Miggy, Fielder and Martinez, sorry to tell anyone, but that lineup is better than the Yankees. And their approach at the plate is much more disciplined than the Yankees. SoI sdon’t see him producing anywhere near what he has in the past.

    And the biggest problem facing the Yankees post Cano is, chaos will ensue.
    Since this article has been posted, the Redsoxare ggoing hard for Choo. Which means, if the Yankees have any hopes of landing him, another Borus client btw, they will of course over pay for another player. Then there’s Beltran. The Yankees stood firm on not wanting to give him the 3rd year, well that will probably be out the window.
    And if Infante isn’t their goal, we’re looking at a probable trade for Phillips. And that will cost the Yankees dearly in terms of prospects. And that was something Yankee brass wanted no part of doing. And then there’s the issue of Gardner and pitching. It would seem Gardner would become expendable. Because no team in their right mind would take ichiro or Wells. So the Yankees would probably have to come up with a lucrative package that includes Gardner, in order to get a decent pitcher.
    Or the Yankees could always over pay for Garza and or Jimenez. There’s that word again, OVERPAY.
    And the final piece to the puzzle of course is the Arod situation. With rumors swirling that the decision will be in the Yankees favor, one could assume that Arods career as a Yankee is over. According to sources I have, the Yankees would just buy out the remaining balance on his contract and say goodbye. So that would leave a hole at 3rd base. And that brings Chase Headley into the mix.
    And in all the reports I’ve read in regards of someone landing Headley, it will cost someone a lot. So we could pretty much say goodbye to more of our prospects, more importantly, pitching.

    A once promising off season, which started with the signing of McCann, and I thought was going to be the most epic off season the Yankees were ever going to have, has seemingly turned into a game of chicken.
    Cashman played a game of, who’s going to blink first and Cano, looks like it, didn’t.

    And as I said from the day they signed McCann, I still believe it right now, Cano is gone.

    I believe, within 24 hours from now, it’s 11 PM est, we will have breaking news that the Seattle Mariners and Robinson Cano have reached a contract agreement.

    Do I pray and hope I’m wrong, absolutely. Because we need Cano back. I just don’t think he’s coming back.

    • Mako34

      Your insightful and well-researched commentary has played out today. You are correct on every point you made. Very impressive. You nailed it.

      • Jimmy D

        Thank you Mako34.
        We have to move on and hope the pieces cashman and the put together pan out.

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  • Mako34