Sep 18, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano (24) singles in the eighth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. New York defeated Toronto 4-3. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

2013 MLB Free Agent Picks

With free agency underway, we here at Yanks Go Yard are doing our best to look into our crystal ball to figure out where the top guys are going to land. Let’s take a look at our picks:

Robinson Cano: Jason, Dan, Ricky Brendan and Bryan all say Yankees.

Dan says: 

I believe Cano will stay right where he is. Simply put, I don´t think he wants to leave and I don´t think the Yankees will let him go. He will show a desire to compromise and the Yankees will show their appreciation for all he has done. They showed the desire to reward special players with their offer to Derek Jeter.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Jason, Ricky and Bryan: Mariners, Dan: Red Sox, Brendan: Chicago Cubs

Brendan says:

Valid or not, I feel like Theo Epstein’s familiarity with Ellsbury might be a factor here. The Cubs have talent on the way (coming fairly soon). A guy like Ellsbury would help them bridge the gap while giving fans a blockbuster player to watch right now.

Shin-Soo Choo: Ricky, Jason, Dan and Bryan: Mets, Brendan: Texas

Ricky says:

This is the winter of Sandy Alderson in Queens as the Mets need any outfielder they can get their hands on. Since the Mets don’t have a leadoff hitter, Choo is the perfect fit to get on base plus provide some pop in a lineup that desperately needs it. Yes, the Mets are in on Curtis Granderson, but Choo is the better fit if the Wilpons are willing to go into their wallets. 

Masahiro Tanaka: Jason, Dan, Ricky and Brendan: Yankees, Bryan: LA Dodgers

Jason says:

The Yankees will set a record for a posting fee and get their target. It may take a while, and even though the Dodgers will certainly be involved the Yankees will wrap him up under Yankees fans Christmas trees.

Brian McCann: Jason, Ricky, Brendan and Bryan: Boston Red Sox, Dan: Braves

Dan says:

Speculation is that he might wind up with Texas. His agent has reportedly raised the possibility. But I think in the end McCann is going to follow the lead of Cano and Ellsbury and stay where he is. I do not see him as a likely catch for the Yankees.

Carlos Beltran: Jason, Ricky, Brendan, Bryan and Dan: Yankees

Brendan Says:

 The move happens 9 years too late as Beltran was a natural fit for New York before the 2005 season as Bernie Williams’ skills declined. Getting Beltran now could still be a coup for the Yankees as he remains an extremely good hitter. The Yankees have craved switch hitters throughout the years (Williams, Jorge Posada, Nick Swisher, etc.) and Beltran fills that void. The walk rate is going down which is a red flag for old players but Beltran can still be productive on a 2 year deal that sees him spend a lot of time at DH. The caveat is that Beltran wants to win his first World Series ring and he might not think that the Yankees give him the best opportunity to do that.

Ervin Santana: Ricky and Brendan: Nationals, Dan: Angels, Jason: Orioles, Bryan: Royals

Brendan says:  Correctly or not, the Royals are irrefutably all-in as signaled by the James Shields/Wil Myers trade last season. The Royals need pitching that can produce right now and Santana provides that. Santana’s .267 BABIP shows he surely benefited from a good Royals’ defense and his HR/9 rate finally came down to earth a bit. The Royals rolled the dice on him last year and were rewarded. If his market tanks due to the qualifying offer attached they should roll again this year.

Matt Garza: Jason and Ricky: Toronto, Dan: Texas, Bryan: Baltimore, Brandon: LA Angels

Ricky says:  Toronto needs starting pitching after they saw most of their pitchers go down with injuries the past two seasons. Garza has pitched in the AL East before and has fared well in both Tampa Bay and Texas. I could see the Blue Jays being that team that goes the extra mile to bring in Garza to lead that rotation with R.A Dickey in 2014. 

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