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Sorry Cashman, ARod Is Not The New York Yankees Best Option

Brian Cashman says Alex Rodriguez is the New York Yankees best option at third base. Is this assessment accurate or a mere delusion? And is it time to find a better option at General Manager?

“Ultimately, from a baseball operations standpoint, taking out all the areas of controversy, having Alex Rodriguez man third base is obviously by far the best option for the Yankees than what the alternatives would be in theory,” Cashman said.

Really, Brian? Well, here is what ARod has done in the past three seasons:

In 2011, he batted .276 with 16 home runs and 62 RBI.

In 2012, he batted .272 with 18 home runs and 57 RBI.

In 2013, he hit .244 with seven home runs and 19 RBI.

Making matters worse, in his last 10 games in 2013, Rodriguez produced only three hits in 34 at bats for a .088 average. Whether it’s due to re-aggravation of his injury or not, the Yankees need someone else at third if they are going to bounce back.

And the sooner that Cashman comes to this realization, the sooner something can be done about it. Certainly, he can’t be leaning on ARod’s post-season heroics. Yankees fans would be hard-pressed to come up with many of those.

What is most disconcerting is the attitude that the Yankees will just have to accept the situation they are in at third base. The outlook for going after Jhonny Peralta, Juan Uribe or Michael Young does not look good.

A healthy Kevin Youkilis is a better solution. And Eduardo Nunez did come on strong at the end of the season.  Overall, Nunez batted .260 with three home runs and 28 RBI in 2013. Compare those to ARod’s 2013 numbers above.  Nunez batted .310 in his last ten games. So he is also a better option.

Here is another suggestion. Move Derek Jeter to third and let Brendan Ryan stay at short. While Ryan’s offensive output needs improvement, perhaps a full spring training working with Kevin Long would give that a boost. That assumes, of course, that Long is still with the team. Also, of course, Derek would have a say in the matter.

In any case, it’s time to admit that  Rodriguez is not going to get the Yankees where they want to go, even if he is around. And the Yankees don’t need to just accept where they are at third base. They need to do something about it. Sure there are challenges surrounding the situation, but that’s what a General Manager is for.

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  • Joseph

    “A healthy Kevin Youkilis is a better solution. And Eduardo Nunez did come on strong at the end of the season.”

    1. A healthy Arod > a healthy Youk. The numbers you put up for Arod were due to bad health. Here are Youk’s numbers those years:

    2011 = .258 17 HR 80 RBI
    2012 = .235 19 HR 60 RBI
    2013 = .219 2 HR 8 RBI

    Even in the years he did better in power categories it wasn’t by much and he needed over 500 ABs (vs 350-450 by Arod).

    So he hit for considerably less average and essentially provided same HRs and RBIs in 20% more ABs.

    Youk is the better fielder so at best it’s a wash.

    2. El oh el. Nunez is trash. Straight trash. We refer to him as Errorduardo NunEz for a reason. The last time a human being wore one glove for less of a reason was Michael Jackson in the 80′s and 90′s.

    Take your pick. By any defensive metric Rtot, Rdrs, Rtot/yr, Rdrs/yr, dWAR he is atrocious. At any infield position in general he is worth an esitmated -19 runs per season and at 3B he is worth -18.

    Now if he had a bat that’d offset it. But he doesn’t.

    His career slash line is:.267.313.379.692

    Now he did step it up in the 2d half when he posted a line of:.284.321.426.747

    But for a corner infielder who is giving away 20 runs a season with his glove that is pathetic too.

    Moving to Jeter to third is a possibility but you also seem to forget that the one area of weakness in Jeter’s game has ALWAYS been going to his glove side. Going into the hole he has always excelled but the plays up the middle were the ones he was lacking in. Literally 90% of balls hit at him now would be going right into his weakest area.

    In the context of what was said Cashman was spot on.

    Outside of making a Free Agent move, none of which are altogther appealing, a healthy Arod would be the Yankees best option (including over a similarly healthy Youk or Nunez under ANY circumstances).

    But since healthy or not Arod won’t be around for much, if any, of 2014 DH Jeter for the most part and ABSOLUTELY keep Ryan around for his glove.

    • Anthonydeutsch

      this sports writer doesn’t take surgeries and rehabs into the picture, he just hates arod and the biggest thing is that it was proven and admitted by the FO that ticket sales, attendance, and YES viewership all increased when he came back and that is important, love or loathe him he is still a big draw

  • ikkf

    Cashman is about 10 years behind the curve. A decade ago, players were peaking in their mid-30s due to PEDs. Cashman seems to be in denial that players are back to normal and start declining at around age 31. He can only come up with band aid solutions and is incapable of building anything. He got his job on Gene Michael and Bob Watson’s coattails and has shown he has no vision, not a single creative bone in his body, and is incapable of doing anything but overpaying aging veterans with bloated contracts. Time for this organization to clean house and start at the top.

    • Joseph

      Cashman is a realist. You don’t seem to understand either the context of the Yankees situation (in terms of whom they have and whom is reasonably available) nor the context of his comments.

      And please, who are you kidding?

      Cashman fought against ever re-signing Arod and was a big force behind Hankenstein being taken out of power and the reins being handed over to Hal Steinbrenner after that went down.

      He caught shit for being sensible when dealing with the iconic Derek Jeter and not wanting to get sucked into a 6 year deal on a an older player etc…

      He has had some questionable moments been when considers all of this happened during a point where the Boss was dying and two sons, one a “hyped up” version of his dad and the other somewhat of a “conservative minded accountant” type were tryign to take control of the Empire it doesn’t seem altogether too bad.

      • ikkf

        What, are you related to the guy or something?

        The Sox have been eating New York’s lunch for the past decade. The score is now 3-1 on this century, in case you hadn’t noticed, with this last reboot happening in the space of 1 year, with a complete management overhaul right in the middle of it.

        Cash has had 8 years since taking full control, and the only thing he has to show for it is 1 title in which he followed his usual M.O. of overpaying veterans, a mediocre farm, and maybe 1 impact player at the big league level. Every title under Cashman comes at the cost of 6-7 years of futility. Cash is unable to do anything innovative, uses his sabermetrics guys in all the wrong ways, and doesn’t know how to listen to his field guys when it comes to picking the right personalities the way Stick did.

        The Giants have won two titles while spending half as much as Cashman. St. Louis has two and still has the best farm system in the game. Even Detroit has been to the Series more times than the Yanks have in the past 7 seasons. Tampa Bay has a better record of developing players and kicking butt in the same division while spending half as much as the Yanks.

        Cash can’t use micromanagement by his superiors as an excuse anymore. If he’s too weak to assert himself, he’s not cut out to be a GM in New York.

  • slider32

    A healthy A-Rod is still the best option for the Yanks, but if he is suspended the Yanks will have an extra 25 million to spend on free agents and still stay under the cap. That is why you want A-Rod to be suspended for the year. It enables the Yanks to reload with players like Tanaka, Choo, Ruiz, Reynolds, Drew, McCann, Beltran, Nolasco, Feldman, Mulholm, Benoit, or Balfour. This is what most Yankee fans hope for.

  • http://www.acrossmymind.podomatic.com/ Hunter Farman

    Yeah, in no way is Nunez better than A-Rod.

    • Joseph

      Yeah, that one line stripped this piece of any credibility it ever had lol.

  • funnydejawluv

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