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Report: Alex Rodriguez Met With Former Balco Head Victor Conte

Alex Rodriguez just can’t get out of his own way. Even if he wants to do something that is legal, he still manages to do it in a ridiculous way. It probably won’t have any impact on the Biogenesis investigation, however, it makes you shake your head. The New York Daily News reported that A-Rod met with former BALCO head Victor Conte to get legal supplements in 2012.


Yes, the same Victor Conte who gave Barry Bonds the cream and the clear. The same one that sold the Giambi boys steroids. The same one that went to jail. Conte now deals in legal supplements, which is perfectly fine, and apparently A-Rod had some help in getting a meeting.

A-Rod had been talking to Bill Romanowski and Romo went with A-Rod and just showed up at Conte’s door while the Yankees were in Oakland.  Rodriguez apparently knew it would look bad if he was talking to Conte, but did it anyway. Conte’s daughter later delivered a package for A-Rod of supplements.

A-Rod was apparently talking to a “nutrition guy” at the time and Conte spoke to him as well about Rodriguez not using a calcium and zinc supplement together, because the calcium blocks the zinc. That “nutrition guy” turned out to be Anthony Boesch.

First off, I have no problem with Rodriguez taking LEGAL supplements. I do it, and I’m sure many of you who read this do as well. The problem I have with it is the person he talked to about it.  He knew it was a bad idea and did it anyway. He had Romanowski make sure no one was around before Rodriguez got out of the car and went in Conte’s house.

Granted it probably won’t have any effect on the Biogenesis investigation, but if two of the biggest steroid scandals were going to be linked together, it would have to be because of A-Rod right?

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