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Like It or Not, Alex Rodriguez Must Accept The Yankees Schedule

Brian Cashman says the New York Yankees are sticking to their rehabilitation schedule for Alex Rodriguez. And the Yankees are sticking to the plan whether Rodriguez likes it or not. From his recent actions, it is clear that he does not.

For a man who is anxious to prove his value, the wait is unmistakably painful. Instead of taking the field today, he will have to settle for some light conditioning. Instead of running the bases, he will peddle an exercise bike. Instead of stepping in the batter’s box, he will take some toss batting practice and hit off a tee.

Worse yet for Rodriguez, it now appears that his impatience has evolved into mistrust. When asked on WFAN Thursday if he trusted the Yankees, he declined to comment. Does this give the appearance of a man who is grateful to an organization that has paid him so well? Does this attitude indicate that he can step back into the clubhouse and be a good teammate?

Right now the Yankees are trying to fill the buckets and toss the water out of the boat. They don’t need someone to rock it. The problem is Rodriguez still thinks he is the same player he once was. He thinks he is the one who should call the shots. Even in his prime he did not have that right. He was just another star on a team of stars, led by Derek Jeter.  So, the reality is he is lucky that he has this opportunity.

Cashman says the plan is to have Rodriguez game ready by August first. It’s not like we’re talking about light years here. He should accept this as any professional would.

Fortunately, despite whatever friction there may be with the front office, manager Joe Girardi says that he and Rodriguez are on the same page.

“I’ve had good communication with Alex,” Girardi said. “So I’m not too concerned about that when he comes back. Obviously, our goal is to get him healthy so he can help us. I think that’s important. Our communication has been fine, so that’s really not a concern.”

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