Feb 20, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman during spring training at Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

An Open Letter To Brian Cashman

Dear Mr. Cashman,

We, as New York Yankees fans, expect to be in contention every year. To an extent, we are in contention this year, but there is just simply no way we can even make the second Wild Card with the way this team is performing.

Do you really expect Cruz to help the team win? (Image: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

Yes, this team that you threw together with guys off the scrap heap is simply not getting the job done. Shocker, right?

I get that you’ve had success in the past with the scrap heap guys – Eric Chavez, Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, Raul Ibanez, etc. But at some point, you have to realize that these guys are on the free agent market for a reason. I give you credit for picking up Lyle Overbay, he has been fantastic, but I unfortunately can’t say the same for the rest of the guys.

Do you honestly think that players like Luis Cruz, Brent Lillibridge, and Travis Hafner can lead this team to the playoffs?

Do you understand just how insanely good the American League East is?

Let’s start with the Boston Red Sox, because they did the off-season the right way. Instead of going out and making a splash to get that one big star player, they spent a lot of money on a multitude of gritty players that could get the job done. Players like Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, Jonny Gomes, and Koji Uehara have been solid additions for their team because they know how to play good baseball and grind out wins along with the rest of the team.

Then there’s the Tampa Bay Rays who have won 21 of their last 27 games, and find themselves in second place. You know why they’re successful? Because their team has a nice balance of young players and successful veterans. Let’s just imagine for a moment what would happen if Wil Myers were on the Yankees. What would he be doing right now? I bet that he would still be in Triple-A because he “needs more seasoning,” or something. My point is, the Rays aren’t afraid to call up their young guys. Take a chance every now and then, call up a youngster instead of going out and getting an Alberto Gonzalez for your team.

The same thing can be said about the Baltimore Orioles, who have gotten success out of Manny Machado this season. They’re young too, and they also have Chris Davis, but you obviously can’t control that.

My point is, Mr. Cashman, that these teams are successful because they’re not made up of guys from the scrap-heap. I don’t care how many injuries the Yankees currently have, they’re obviously going to keep happening with the way this season is going. There’s so much uncertainty regarding the return of your injured players, that you must go out and make a trade. More importantly, you must acquire a bat.

I don’t care if it’s an, “offensively offensive market,” you need to get somebody if you want to save this season for the team. Trust me, Mr. Cashman, if you don’t, we can all expect the New York Yankees to be contending for fourth place in the AL East instead of first.


Hunter Farman, and Yankees fans everywhere.

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  • קייתלין מרטין

    How can I disagree more? The Yankees have tried young players. They’ve gotten outstanding results from Preston Claiborne and good results from Adam Warren, both rookies. Zoilo Almonte was putting up OK numbers, but just OK, before he got hurt. Vidal Nuno pitched well, but he’s hurt too, as is Ronnier Mustelier, who would have undoubtedly been with the Yankees if he could just have stayed healthy this year.

    The Yankees have tried other rookies: Austin Romine, David Adams and Thomas Neal all have sub-.200 batting averages and just haven’t worked out. Corban Joseph was 1 for 6 in his brief stint in pinstripes and Brett Marshall was shelled in his one outing, and has been shelled at AAA ever since. Dellin Betances, who was called up briefly, also has ugly numbers at AAA now.

    My point is that the Yankees this year have chosen young talent over the scrap heap when possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The same can be said for the scrap heap. Vernon Wells is hitting again, in case you haven’t noticed, and I don’t know where the Yankees would be in the standings without Lyle Overbay.

    I do think this Yankee team will be in the postseason, in part because some of the young players will develop, and in bigger part because we’ll see some production yet from Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Francisco Cervelli. The talent is there on this team. The injuries this year have been insane.

    I think both Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi deserve tremendous credit for keeping this team in contention. If the do go to the post season then Joe Girardi deserves serious consideration for Manager of the Year. He’s earned it already.

    As for Brian Cashman, do you really think the Yankees will be inactive at the trade deadline? They weren’t last year and Ichiro Suzuki has been a great addition to the team. I expect you will see a move or two this year.

    • Hunter Farman

      First off, thank you for putting together such a competent argument. It’s good to see thought put into it.

      The Yankees have tried rookies, you’re right, and have gotten solid pitching performances, not offense. But I was just trying to make a point about how the Yankees tend to keep their young players in the minors for too long. Perhaps they just aren’t using the right young players.

      Betances is currently 6-4 with a 3.50 ERA out of the bullpen, where he has seemingly found what he lost. Those don’t really look like ugly numbers to me.

      Wells is beginning to hit again, but he wasn’t really a scrap-heap guy, and like I said, Overbay has been fantastic.

      In regards to the injured players you mentioned, it’s always day-to-day it seems with them. They’ll definitely get Grandy and A-Rod back, but Jeter, and Cervelli are constantly in doubt. At that though, how much production can you expect out of a player like A-Rod? The baseball-Gods have not been kind to the Yankees this year in respect to injury.

      I’m not knocking Cashman, he has done what he can, I’m saying that he really needs to get some more offense into the lineup. Girardi is Manager of the Year in my mind, no question.

  • Rober

    I agreed.

  • Olaf

    Disagree completely. We are not used to losing, and I don’t think a major trade is the answer. I would prefer to call it a lost season, and see what we can do next season. Hughes will be gone next season, so we try for Garza; I doubt we keep to the 189 million budget once the outcry comes for missing the postseason.

    • Hunter Farman

      I never said major trade. I just said acquire a bat. I’m not so sure if Garza is really the answer. I think the Yankees are content with the depth of their starters right now.

  • Bill B

    Hunter Hunter Hunter. You point out the obvious in such a way that you sound like a rude teenager. You are writing an open letter to one of the great Gms of all time. He knows what he needs to do. You state the obvious yet when corrected you mention that he has done all he can but at the same time he has not. This team is a class act. No trash heap on this club. 6 behind in the loss column? They are carrying a boat load of salary so things are more complicated then you might think. Loyalty is involved also. I have never cared for your style of writing. You must learn patience. Like Cashman and Girardi have. Just wait. You will see. Be appreciative of a fine organization. Ibanez scrap heap?

    • Hunter Farman

      Bill, I missed you!

      It’s funny how you say I write like a rude teenager, when you come off almost as a rude child. Let’s try to act like civilized adults here and keep the name-calling to a minimum. In fact, let’s try to have a well-thought out argument like the one a few comments down.

      It’s also funny how you didn’t show up when the Yankees were on three separate five-game losing streaks over the course of like three weeks, right? Tell me are we still on pace for 95 wins? You know, I’ve never cared for your style of commenting. Ibanez was indeed scrap-heap. In regards to the Cashman thing, he has done what he can given the circumstances, but now it’s time for him to do more. Sorry Bill, but open your eyes and realize that you’re wrong. The Yankees, with their current lineup, are not a playoff team.

      • Bill B

        You are not a Yankee fan. You are a critic. You haven’t given up. You are just another Yankee hater in disguise. I have been here reading your pieces.

        • Hunter Farman

          Sorry, last I checked, I’ve been a die-hard Yankee fan since 2005 – you don’t know me. I’m the one being realistic here, Bill, you’re the one who is living in Lala Land. By the way, you haven’t answered my questions. Where were you when the Yankees were severely struggling?

          You know Bill, it’s funny, I think that you know I’m right and just don’t want to admit it. I mean think about it, all you’ve ever done is – as childish as it may sound – call me names. I mean, you say you’ve been a Yankee fan for what, 40+ years? Then why is it that I am acting like the adult in all of our conversations?

  • steve

    hunter i agree 100%, i believe its called greed,cashman thinks he can win every year, we have to rebuild with our farm teams sometime in the near future