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Why The New York Yankees Have The Best Fans

Okay, it has happened, the New York Yankees are slumping. But it is times like this that reveal why Yankees’ fans are the best fans in the world. We stick by our team, win or lose. Yankee Stadium doesn’t fill up and empty out depending on the team’s record, like you see with some teams.

We all knew this was bound to happen. Sooner or later the glass slipper would lose its magic. Lyle Overbay, Vernon Wells and others would return to their career, or recent, performance levels.

A look around the infield late in yesterday’s game revealed David AdamsReid Brignac and Jayson NixChris Stewart crouched behind home plate and  Shawn Kelley was on the mound. Certainly, this is not the vision we had in spring training.

But I argue that this team represents New York and New Yorkers very well. We give it our all and we don’t make excuses. We get up every morning and deal with whatever we have to. We do everything we can to find a way to get our jobs done.

Yesterday’s 6-2 loss to the Los Angeles Angels showed the same attitude. Ichiro Suzuki made two diving and sliding catches. Stewart worked his derrière off blocking one pitch after another that bounced a foot or two in front of the plate. Adams stretched awkwardly to catch throws at first base, making it obvious that he really didn’t belong there.

The problem is the job we expect may be too big for some of the players we have on the field right now.

The frustrating part is the uncertainty. Curtis Granderson comes back and then goes back. Now the status of Mark Teixeira is unclear again. Others, including CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes still are searching for consistency. Derek Jeter, the Yankee Nation turns its waiting eyes to you.

As Yankees’ fans always do, we will keep our heads high. A home- stand is coming.  When it does, we will be there. Eventually, reinforcements are coming too. Jeter, Granderson and Michael Pineda should provide that.

You are here, reading and hoping. You know that it is a long season, and long seasons have losing streaks. You also know that when all the pieces fall back into place the Yankees have what it takes this year. You are one of the reasons that Yankees’ fans are the best fans in the world. And the Yankees need you the most right now.

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