May 9, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; New York Yankees third baseman Jayson Nix (17) prepares to throw for an out against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. The Yankees defeated the Rockies 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

New York Yankees Must Get Rid Of Jayson Nix

Okay, I’ll admit it: it has been hard to find a weak spot on this team so far. Everything and everyone just seems to mesh really well together. I’ll even go as far as to say that I haven’t had this much fun watching a New York Yankees team in many years. But if I had to pick one player, who time and time again makes me want to pull my hair out, it’s Jayson Nix. The Yankees have so many better options, and the time has come to let him go.

Let me begin by saying that Nix’s sole value comes in his versatility. There is no doubt that the Yankees love his ability to play nearly any position. But once some of the injured players make their returns, Nix will undoubtedly be the weakest link.

The Yankees may like Nix for his decent defensive ability, but he can’t hit a lick at the plate. Through 40 games so far this year, he’s batting .222 with a home run and nine RBIs. Now you would think that those are good numbers for a player who is little more than a defensive replacement. Once you realize though that Nix has spent a lot of time in the starting lineup, those numbers don’t look nearly as acceptable.

Adams is the better option. (Image: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports)

The main problem that I have with Nix, is that he can seemingly never hit when there are runners on base. It always feels like that in the biggest situations, Nix is up at the plate ready to give the other team essentially a free out. In fact, with runners on base this year, Nix is batting a pathetic .160. It gets even worse when those runners are in scoring position, as then his average drops to .147. If you want to go even deeper than that, his average is just .100 with runners in scoring position and two outs. Not good any way you slice it.

For you sabermetricians out there, Nix has a WAR and an OWAR of -0.1, meaning that Nix isn’t even really helping the team. He also has a wRC+ of 55, which is pretty awful.

I will give him credit though, he hasn’t grounded into a double play this year… yet. Not that it really means anything, but at least something is a positive, right?

Anyway, the Yankees can’t get rid of Nix just yet. Not until Eduardo Nunez returns, at least. However, the contributions of players like David Adams - who is nearly as versatile as Nix – have proven that the Yankees have more options than they think.

The Yankees are possibly afraid of losing Nix to another team if they decided to designate him for assignment. While there is a chance that another team could claim him, there is also the chance that other teams see that Nix isn’t very valuable, and the Yankees become able to outright him to AAA. Needless to say, a multitude of different scenarios can play out.

The Yankees have been good this year – very good. Jayson Nix on the other hand, has not, and it’s time for him to go.

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  • PenguinHead

    And Nunez brings exactly what ? — pathetic average — moderately passable defensive skills….

    • Hunter Farman

      I’m not saying that Nunez is good. I’m saying that they can’t get rid of him until Nunez comes back because they need somebody to play short.

  • PenguinHead

    …at least Nix can back-up elsewhere…3b – 2b – and probably 1b, too. I think he’s the ‘emergency’ catcher.
    Nunez…pack him in a trade for something.

  • PenguinHead

    Is Nunez better ?….not really….zero versatility…other teams may think he’s better than he is….pack him with someone else & get a return for the future….Nix is a back-up, and one we need (no one else at this time). Nunez can only play SS (and not very well at that !)

    • Matt Hunter

      Agreed about Nunez. I’ve never thought he was a good player, and never understood why people liked his bat. He didn’t have a good bat in the minors and he was never a highly touted prospect – why would he hit well in the majors?

      That being said, the Yankees don’t really have any other choices at short. If they could package him in a trade for another SS, then sure, do it, but I doubt they could do that. Shortstops are in short supply and the Yankees probably can’t do much better than Nunez, sad as that is.

  • PenguinHead

    So Matt – if you had to ditch one right now…who’d you send packing ?

    Robert Andino now available…best at 2b; but also can play 3b & SS

    • Hunter Farman

      Andino is currently batting .182. That’s worse than both Nunez and Nix. Why would you want him?

  • tillzen

    If you knew baseball you’d know that building a team is chemistry and not architecture or math. Fantasy sports has deluded fantasy men into feeling powerful and reduced actual men into game pieces for you to buy and sell as if overseers. These “moves” you gals suggest not only tell the world you know little of the game but sadder still, they are distracting you from the most interesting Yankee season in years. Jayson Nix is not the problem, in truth he is a man in full who has carved a career from nothing. There is nothing wrong with the Yankees beyond infantile fans who have allowed their need to remain giant babies cloud reality and confuse actual lives with those spent in Mom’s basement pretending they exist.

    • Hunter Farman

      Alright there, get off your high horse. If you actually decided to read the article, you would see that I have said – many times – that the Yankees have been really good this year. If you think you know so much more than us, why don’t you write?

      Now we want the team to get better, correct?

      Aside from last night, based on statistics, is Jayson Nix helping the team win? No.

      You think that baseball is solely reliant on chemistry? Well, I bet you that the Astros have good chemistry on their team. Where are they?

      And I don’t have a basement. Try again.