A-Rod has a point, but does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? (Image: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports)

Yankees Links: A-Rod vs. Yanks, Mo says teammates support him

I said this on Twitter when the whole contract termination nonsense came up, it’ll be difficult for Alex Rodriguez to play for a team that is publicly trying to dispute his contract status. It’s a sad state of affairs for A-Rod, who is only guilty right now of being named, not necessarily connected with the Miami-based anti-aging clinic, BioGenesis. He has recently come out in defense of himself against the Yankees and MLB, and a prominent teammate said he will accept A-Rod back, once he returns from his hip injury.

Recently, Alex Rodriguez was connected to an anti-aging clinic named BioGensis. The clinic’s owner, Anthony Bosch, had handwritten records of A-Rod’s involvement with performance-enhacing drugs. Further, Bosch claims he personally injected A-Rod with steroids at the ballplayer’s home in Miami.

In a story from the New York Daily News, Rodriguez was cited as wondering if the Yankees were looking to “sink his career.”

Sources say the embattled Yankee star is “scared” that bigger forces are at work to try to discredit him and sink his career. Holed up in Miami, Rodriguez has been huddling with an army of lawyers and PR people as the performance-enhancing drug scandal enveloping him intensifies.

Although not a funny matter, it’s almost comical at how other media outlet depict this whole “scandal.” The sensationalism that comes with “holed up in Miami” makes it seem like he’s hiding from the literal form of angry mobs with pitchforks. In reality, he’s most likely resting and recovering from his recent hip surgery.

I digress though, A-Rod should be “scared” that the team and MLB are out to get him. He has to see it from their point of view in order to really understand it. He’s owed a ton of money ($114 million) over the next five years, and he’s not exactly hitting 40+ HRs anymore. His value to the team in terms of dollars compared to production is awful, so why wouldn’t the Yankees explore ways to get rid of him? Ultimately, will his contract be terminated? I have a difficult time believing it will be.

As for the MLB part, again, A-Rod is a polarizing figure in sports. Whenever his name is connected to anything, people will have an opinion. Likewise, performance-enhancing drugs carry negative connotations with it, especially for the MLB brand. So, when you put A-Rod and PED usage together, it’s no wonder MLB is trying to disconnect themselves from anything damaging their brand. Whether or not these allegations are true, that brand has once again been dragged through the sludge that is PEDs. That’s not to absolve MLB from their ultimate role in looking the other way when PEDs ran rampant, but they are honestly trying to rid the game of them now.

Even if the Yankees brass is looking for any way out of his massive contract, some of A-Rod’s teammates would welcome him back, according to an AP story. Mariano Rivera, Yankees closer and MLB’s all-time saves leader, said at a recent fundraiser that he would support A-Rod if he returned.

“We have to embrace him. He’s our teammate.”

Now, maybe I’m reading into this a little too far, but the “have to” part doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, but rather almost reluctantly. If that’s the case, it’ll be a very difficult five years for A-Rod to endure, with the money attached to those years acting as a double-edged sword.

In the same venue, Yankees GM, Brian Cashman urged everyone to be patient and let the investigations conclude before making judgements.

”This involves some very nasty facts. There needs to be patience here as they thoroughly investigate this to determine the accuracy or inaccuracy, or where are there accuracies or inaccuracies in the story, and see if we can come up with what is fact and what are provable facts.”

Everybody, they deserve due process and right now you have just a very nasty story. We’ll just have to wait and let it all play out.”

Cashman is right, everyone deserves their day in court, but in the court of public opinion almost everybody has made up their mind one way or another. A-Rod has made his bed well before these new allegations surfaced, now it seems he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, fair or not.

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