Oct 14, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez paces on the field during game two of the 2012 ALCS against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Yankees and the A-Rod Conundrum: Part One

This isn’t an easy time for anyone at the moment, particularly the party of Alex Rodriguez. However, I think this latest blow might just prove to be the fatal hit. A-Rod had been under such a microscope since coming to New York in 2004 and gaining the trust of Yankee fans is one of the hardest tasks in the world to achieve. The rough, murky waters in which Rodriguez stood really never subsided, but in 2009, he tried to make amends for past mistakes.

Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time A-Rod. 

Alex Rodriguez already had a serious blow to his career before. This current story only adds to the negativity. (Image: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports)

Baseball has been a delicate part of American history. There is no doubting the skid marks it will forever contain such as segregation, and the PED and steroid users only add to this ongoing list of irreversible damage. Should we just single out Rodriguez? No, but this time, he has nobody to blame but himself.

If we look back in January, every Yankee fan saw the denial of Roger Clemens into the Hall of Fame, something he may never get into. A-Rod? The voters laugh at the thought, and well, can you blame them? Every shred of credibility Rodriguez had is now gone and the trust he “built” with the New York fan base has been destroyed. There is no coming back from this.

When A-Rod told New York fans in 2009 that he had been clean since 2003, he made that statement with the full attention to garner the respect from the fans. Now I do not think Rodriguez is a stupid man, but for him to say he was clean, and then have his name pop-up 16 times in this list revealed by the Miami New Times, I have no idea what the man was thinking.

At this point, whether or not this story plays out to be true forms a null point. Rodriguez is done as a player, at least in New York he is. There is absolutely no way this man can show his face in Yankee Stadium without A) being booed worse than the Boston Red Sox and B) probably have some sort of trash thrown at him. Rodriguez did the one thing a baseball player should never do, specifically with the Yankees, and that was lie to the fans and the team.

Taking Clemens’ controversy into account, we see a different story. Clemens was an alleged user of steroids and PEDs, but was never found guilty of it. His trainer, Brian McNamee who was either the key to Clemens’ freedom or demise, kept changing stories which let Clemens walk free. Regardless of your personal opinion of Clemens, while he did bring some of this up on himself, McNamee’s fumbling around is ultimately what caused the ruling, so technically McNamee can be blamed depending on what perspective you have.

Can’t say the same for Rodriguez. He brought everything upon himself and has nobody else to point fingers at.

People say that guys like Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson and the controversial new comers on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot, have in some way shamed the game. I think that’s rather harsh to say, but for Rodriguez, he’s not free from this “shame”. He has completely disrespected the game, the fans and his team, but what does he care? He already has more than $300 million in the bank and wants the rest of his money from this 10-year contract. How much more can A-Rod possibly get New York to hate him?

More to come in part two.

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  • Bill B

    Amazing. Judge , jury and executioner. You want this to play out in a way that leads to this man’s demise. The guy accusing him is a low life and carries no weight. Rodriguez has not needed PEDs. He still has an enormous contract. He is still a better than average player. I haven’t met the man. I suspect you have and have a personal prejudice. Maybe jealousy. Maybe you are are a bigot? I don’t know the answer to that last question so I will not judge you. In a similar vein can you withhold your biased assessment of A-rod. He can easily show his face at the stadium. Hit a couple of dingers and what do you know. He’s back and all is forgotten. Get real.

    • Benjamin Orr

      I appreciate you reading the article Bill, but please do not put words into my mouth. I never said I wanted this “play out in a way that leads to his demise”. I am only stating what has been reported, and yes, I am putting my own personal spin on it. No, I am not a bigot. I have absolutely no right to judge Rodriguez, so please refrain from saying things like that. I am a person before a writer, so I fully understand there’s a human aspect to this. However, with as much controversy that A-Rod has generated, you seem to be under this assumption that a few home runs is simply going to eliminate the past nine years. It’s not going to. New York fans are a very tough crowd and A-Rod has absolutely destroyed his chances, guilty or not, with this story to gain any favoritism with them ever again.

      • Bill B

        “Rodriguez did the one thing a baseball player should never do, specifically with the Yankees, and that was lie to the fans and the team.” Your words. I grew up in New York City. It is this style of writing that destroys people. You did not appreciate my characterization of you. Have you not done similar to A-Rod? What is your basis for words like these about Rodriguez. I stand by my words.

        • Benjamin Orr

          Yes, those are my words, but that in no way insinuates that I “want his demise”. He did it to himself, like I said, regardless of whether or not he’s guilty. It’s my job as a journalist to sometimes be objective and show my opinion, but to do so with clear cut facts. I am not out to slander Rodriguez by any means. Like I said before, I am only reporting on what happened and my take of the situation. I still do not appreciate your characterization of me because calling me a bigot is low. Name calling is unnecessary and while I do respect your opinion Bill, I do not appreciate the slander. My style of writing does not “destroy people” so I’m not entirely sure where you got that from.

          • Bill B

            I only asked if you were a bigot. You answered you are not and I accept that. No body called you ANY names. Re read the article young man. You, since you have not read correctly what I wrote have become the slanderer. Notice a pattern Mr. Orr? What did he do to himself if he is not guilty? What “clear cut facts”. The uncorroborated testimony of a loser? Journalists check there sources. Your sources are Mr Orr?

          • Benjamin Orr

            It’s pretty widespread over ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the MLB’s website and the Yankees’ website. The fact that he’s in this very position (and let me repeat myself again) regardless of whether or not he is guilty is more than enough. His name popped up 16 times in this story, so he’s linked to it one way or another. If he’s guilty, then shame on him. If he’s not guilty, he still has some explaining to do as to why he was even mentioned, especially more than a handful of times. If you do not like my personal opinion, which you clearly do not approve of, then I am fine with that. However, to continue this any further seems absolutely senseless.

          • Jimmy Kraft

            Ok, let’s put away the swords and extend a hand to each other for a friendly internet handshake. It’s obvious, neither of you agree with the other, so just drop it.

            Bill, again, this is one person’s opinion that he’s backing up with facts. You don’t need to agree with it, but you also don’t need to attack him in the manner you are right now. Even if you didn’t call him a “bigot”, you are questioning whether he is one, and there’s no place for that here. I get that both of you are passionate, and this is a touchy subject, but let’s keep the personal attacks and barbs to ourselves and write intelligently.

            We appreciate your discourse, Bill. However, we like keeping the peace even more. A friendly atmosphere for commenting is what we strive to bring to our readers here at YGY, but we also want our readers to be passionate enough to comment. Fair?

  • Bill B

    I apologize for disrupting the peace. Should I comment on other stories or should I cease?

    • Jimmy Kraft

      Bill, you are welcome to comment on ANY stories of ours. We want you here!!

    • Benjamin Orr

      It’s just as Jimmy said, we welcome you to any of our posts Bill. Your opinion is valued just as much as ours or any of our readers.

  • Corethree

    On the lighter side, lets give a-rod to the Astro’s as a ”welcome to the american league” gift. As for the a-rod fans, i hear-tell the weather is nice in Texas.

    • Jimmy Kraft

      hahaha!!! Nicely done

    • Benjamin Orr

      Being in a division with two of his ex-teams? Ouch! Haha

  • Bill B

    This is not sour grapes but notice.ankees general manager Brian Cashman, who spoke to Outside the Lines, was asked if A-Rod will be a Yankee when he returns from the disabled list:

    “He’s a Yankee. There’s no doubt about that. He’s signed a contract as a member of the New York Yankees. In terms of the pure facts as we know them today, there is nothing that changes that. … If there is a situation that impacts anybody’s player that Major League Baseball finds, everyone will focus on what that means to them individually as well as team-wise. It’s business as usual right now.”
    This is why we should not jump to conclusions. Thanks for listening. Bill

  • Bill B

    Correction Yankees.

  • Bill B

    Mike Schmidt; “People who think Alex Rodriguez is going to walk away from $114 million should not be allowed to feed or dress themselves without supervision.

    The New York Yankees are not going to be able to void his contract, and he’s not going to retire. The Yankees made their bed when they signed A-Rod to his 10-year, $275 million deal, and now they must sleep in it.

    And Rodriguez, who could be out until July after having surgery on his hip this off-season, isn’t going to step away from the game. Those thinking A-Rod has played his last game as a Yankee are kidding themselves.

    So, just stop it already. Just stop it.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Bill

  • Bill B

    Correction John Stolnis wrote this article regarding Mike Schmidt moment.

  • Jim Harper

    Best case scenorio, ARods surgery is career ending and the insurance will pay off I believe 85% of his contract. Bill here is right that the Yankees should never have given him a new contract after he opted out and maybe they are getting what they deserve, but the Yankee fans all over this country don’t deserve this.