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Yankees Links 1/31: Club lands three prospects in Top 100, More A-Rod tomfoolery

We are only about two weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting. It’s the time of year where players come into camp in the best shape of their lives, they’ve tweaked their arm angle, or learned a new pitch. Hey, it’s better than reading about PEDs all the time now, amirite? We’ll get to the new opinions on Alex Rodriguez in a minute, but first some good news. According to’s Jonathan Mayo, the Yankees have three players in the website’s top 100 prospects list. We at YGY are currently profiling who we think the top 10 prospects are in the Yankees system are, which you can find at our Prospects page. Check out as they ranked C Gary Sanchez 36th, Mason Williams 41st, and Tyler Austin 75th overall. One thing of note about the rankings is it’s troubling that the Yankees don’t have any pitchers in the top 100, but it’s hardly a surprise. Remember, Manny Banuelos was out most of last year, and will be out for all of 2013 recovering from Tommy John surgery. Also, Jose Campos is still young and playing in A ball, but he’s also recovering from an injury sustained last season.

Here is a little excerpt for each player from their write-up:

[Gary Sanchez has] always had a plus arm behind the plate, but there had been questions about his ability to handle the defensive rigors of the position in the past. He did seem to make some strides with the glove, though he needs to continue to work on his receiving skills, and the Yankees hope that can continue.

[Mason] Williams has some definite ability with the bat, with a solid approach and a handsy swing that allows him to cover the plate well. It’s more of a slap/slash approach right now, but some feel there’s power to come as he matures. Williams can go get the ball in center field with good range and a solid arm.

A former infielder, [Tyler] Austin made a smooth transition to right field and should profile well there, though perhaps without the plus power some like to see from the position. Still, he has a very good approach at the plate and a quick swing that should allow him to continue to hit for average. He’s a good baserunner with average speed, and has the arm and range to be a good defensive outfielder. It’s not often 13th-round picks turn into big league regulars, but this one has a chance to do just that.

These three are definitely players to be very excited about in the years to come. The website slated Austin to make the majors by 2014, while Williams and Sanchez won’t make it to the Bronx until 2015.

Now back to the A-Rod saga. In a story from Bill Madden, Christian Red and Teri Thompson of the New York Daily News, they quote a source close to the Yankees who believes the 37-year-old slugger won’t be returning to the Yankees. They also quoted the source saying that his hip surgery will likely derail his career. Further, he would likely be pushed into a diminished role in that he might consider a “settlement or an outright retirement”.

Firstly, I cannot see A-Rod simply retiring because he has a diminished role on the Yankees. Would it be honorable if he stepped aside because his production is hurting the ballclub? Sure it would, but there’s also the matter of $114 million left on his contract. At most, he’ll have to sit for four and half years while he collects that. Sure, he’s already made more than $300 million, but another nine figures in the ol’ bank account doesn’t hurt.

The Yankees are going to look for every possible way to get out from underneath this albatross of a contract. However, it’s unlikely it’s going to happen unless A-Rod decides it. He’ll have to take a settlement or retire — as alluded to in the article — in order for the Yankees to see him out the door. The MLB and MLBPA would be at odds over this if the Yankees were granted the termination of his contract. In my opinion, that’s just not going to happen because there’s way too much money involved. Buckle up Yankees fans, the A-Rod saga is here to stay!

Discussion Points:

  1. Do you think the prospects ranks are too low? Too high? Who did you want to see included, but didn’t?
  2. Where do you weigh in on this A-Rod matter? Will the Yanks find a way out of his contract?

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