Goodbye to a YGY Family Member, Hello to a New Year

It’s 2013 and here at Yanks Go Yard, some things will inevitably change. A huge part of our family, Chris Carelli, has moved on to new places to further hone his talents as an editor and a site manager. He’s a huge reason YGY is relevant in the New York Yankees blogosphere and why many of us here find it so refreshing to write on our favorite team. If you haven’t read his last post, please give it a read, it’s equal parts funny and reflective on 2012 and a fitting departing piece for our pal. We all have learned a ton from Chris, I know I have, and he has left very big shoes to fill. He’s an excellent editor and an even better person. I can’t wish him enough luck in his future endeavors, I know he’ll be great in his new role.

So, here we are, in 2013 and as much as it hurts seeing our pal move on, we at YGY must too. Not much will change in regards to what you’ve come to expect from YGY, but we are going to implement a few new things this year.

First, we want you to be more informed on the Yankees minor league prospects, we are going to write more on the up-and-coming players within the Yankees system.

Secondly, you’ll see interaction between AL East teams’ FanSided blogs from YGY. We think it’s a good idea to get a sense of how other teams are doing when the Yankees play them throughout the season and how they perceive the Yankees. Expect Q&A’s and series previews with these blogs throughout the season.

Lastly, we want to become more interactive with you, our readers. Beside the cathartic reason behind writing, you readers are who we aim to please. We enjoy banter and discussions and we want more of your input. We believe that discussion is paramount to our success and that’s exactly why we want you to join us. Also, if you have a tip or a story you think we should cover, email us at [email protected]

So that’s it. We here at YGY wish our pal Chris happy endeavors (thank you so much for everything!), and all of you a Happy New Year. We look forward to serving our readers with the best Yankees coverage on the ‘net.

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