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Logan Morrison's antics would make Nick Swisher's look tame

A few days ago our own Jimmy Kraft posted about the possibility of the New York Yankees trading for Miami Marlins 1B/OF Logan Morrison. Statistically there are question marks as to if Morrison could help replace Nick Swisher, but he can certainly fill the roles in other ways.

Recently a friend of mine said how she’s going to miss Swisher because of how he interacted with the fans. The right field bleacher creatures were in love with Swisher and his antics. Whether it would be his Swisher salute or his way of showing how many out there were. At this point in time the Yankees have moved on from the Swisher Era in right field. It was perhaps one of the Cashman’s top trades during his time as a general manager due to the low risk high reward element it brought to the team. It sure did turn out to be high reward by the way.

Yet, now the fans are hoping for a new personality to depict their love of the game in the right field bleachers. Who better to take over than Morrison? If you love fun loving outfielders with a personality, then LoMo brings the shenanigans! Morrison is a hit on Twitter due to his offbeat tweets. If we compared Swisher and Morrison to movies well Swisher would be a PG-13 movie and Morrison R-rated. LoMo tweets about sex, bodily functions, funny things that happen between his teammates and just things that make LoMo, well LoMo.

Here are a few examples of what the Yankees fans would be getting if they were to acquire him.

Twitter War with Jay Jaffe on Breast-feeding

Basically LoMo was upset with public breast-feeding and took his opinions to Twitter. Well, there’s never a dull moment on Twitter for Morrison! Baseball writer Jay Jaffe decided to tell him to shut up and to hit .240 without power. Morrison gave him the old, “You never played” argument and finally cleared up his position on the topic.

False Trade Rumors

Back in December Morrison tweeted about Prince becoming a Mariner. Turns out he meant Prince the musician.

Bathing…with teammates

Yea, you’re going to have to see this for yourself if you haven’t already. I guess there’s nothing wrong with chilling in the tub sipping some wine with your teammate, right? This creates team chemistry! This is the kind of player the Yankees need to replace Swisher to keep the chemistry in the clubhouse!

If you look at Morrison’s recent tweets you can get a more recent example of his antics.

If there was a stat called FUN, I’m sure Swisher would be at the top of the line with Morrison. The R-rated version of Swisher just doesn’t take life as seriously as some want him to. I’m sure if he ever donned the pinstripes, Morrison would attempt to install a tub out in right field so he and Granderson could enjoy NYC’s finest wines.

Statistically I’m not sure Logan Morrison could fill in Swisher’s production right away. What I do know is that he could easily take over the role of clubhouse clown in the Bronx.

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