Paying Alex Rodriguez anywhere near $90 or more to play elsewhere is ridiculous. (Image: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE)

Final Thoughts On 2012

Ugh. What an awful ending to a great season. Say what you want about the Yanks’ 2012 campaign, but don’t dare call it a failure. A disappointment yes, but certainly not a failure. During the regular season they had the best record in the AL and pretty much the best offense in baseball. It’s just a shame that all their bats went cold at the worst possible time; a collective .188/.254/.303 line in the postseason isn’t going to cut it. What makes it even more infuriating is that their pitching was absolutely incredible.

Whatever. I know 29 other teams that would kill to have three LCS appearances in four seasons, including one ring. Plus, we’ll always have the Raul Game.

As for next year’s team, I hope they don’t blow up the gang. I think there’s a small possibility that Girardi doesn’t return, but I think firing him would be a mistake. He guided them well through an injury-laden season and produced a 95-win team; sure, some of his bullpen moves are infuriating but who else would they get to manage? Canning him would be foolish, especially after the courage/determination/devotion to the team he showed following his father’s passing.

Also, I hope Kevin Long doesn’t take the fall for their hitting, or lack thereof. The team had the most homers and the highest OPS in the majors, and the second-most runs (by a measly four) in the league. As mentioned earlier, the offense collectively slumped at the worst possible time, but they still had a great season offensively.

With regards to the major free agents, I hope they bring back Russell Martin, Swish Dog, Nix, Ichiro (only on a one-year deal), Mo, Kuroda and Pettitte. There’s probably some I’m forgetting — forgive me, I’m still mourning — but we’ll get into this later in the offseason.

Touching on the A-Rod saga, I hope they keep him. I’ve never been his biggest fan, but he’s still an above-average third baseman and paying him ~$90 million to play for someone else while trying to find a replacement would be foolish. I don’t think his relationship with Girardi is strained; he seems like he’s matured in his time here, and I think it will be in the best interest of the Yankees to keep him aboard.

Only 164 more days until Opening Day!

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  • Matt Hunter

    Completely agree. People act like this was a horrible year, yet they finished with the best record in the AL and 2nd-best in the AL playoff-wise. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    The other thing that’s really been bothering me is that people keep saying that the Yankees played horribly this postseason. No, the Yankees offense played horribly. But the offense isn’t the whole team, is it? Fact of the matter is, half of the team played extremely well and half didn’t. It’s not like the entire team fell apart. Every single ALCS game other than the last one could have easily gone the other way. With good umping and little bit of luck on their side, the Yankees could have easily been up 2-1 or 3-0 going into game 4. Not saying that they didn’t deserve to be eliminated, but that it was a lot closer than people are giving them credit for.

    • Andrew Corselli

      Absolutely. Sometimes Yankee fans make me sick. Such a spoiled, entitled fan base. If I didn’t love this team so much I’d go and root for someone else.

      • Matt Hunter

        Yep. There are times when I almost want the Yankees to have some really bad years just to weed out the fake fans. Of course I don’t actually want that, but it would be nice to see who would stick around if the team actually sucked, not just “best team in the AL but eliminated in the playoffs” sucked.

        • Andrew Corselli

          I always think about that. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they missed the playoffs (or finished below .500) for like four or five years straight. Obviously it would suck, but the bandwagon fans would go away and ticket prices would drop. I hope it doesn’t happen of course, but it would definitely be interesting.

          • Chris_Carelli

            I know exactly what it is like to go through many years without the postseason and I much rather have it the way we do now. You’re right, the Yankees had a very nice season which ended disappointingly. If it wasn’t such a dramatically poor display by the offense then it would have been easier to swallow for some and being swept puts a bad taste in the mouth, no matter how well 1/2 of the team did. No need to bash the team though as you both have said. I do hope they look at all avenues for next season when determining how to create a balanced offense.