The Clincher: Picture Post

In case you haven’t heard, the Yanks clinched the division with a rout of the Red Sox in game 162 on Wednesday. My brother scored 1% tickets (padded seats the best!) and was nice enough to invite me, so check out the pictures I took. Or don’t. Whatever. See if I care.

Russell ’bout to throw out Cody Ross

Imaginary fist bump? Imaginary fist bump.



Grandy’s first bomb

No comment…


If anyone can tell me what these things on the RF foul pole are, I will give you a firm handshake and a pat on the back.

“Thanks for mutton,” I bet he said.

Dice-K’s final moment on a mound in a Boston uniform. Possibly in a MLB uniform.


Dead Men Walking


The B train took the finale.

Final stats for 2012. I can’t believe the 4 took the season series.

Cano’s second bomb.

Who let that Keebler elf on the field?

This has to be symbolic of the Red Sox’ 2012 season, right?

Racist Saltalamacchia must be hating life right here.

What do you think is going through Bobby V’s mind right now?

The whiff…

Hopefully they can carry this dominance into the postseason. Either way, it’s been a fun season.

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