Frank Francisco Calls The Yankees "Chickens"

In one of the lamest showings of trash talk in the history of professional sports, Mets closer Frank Francisco called the Yankees “chickens” prior to this weekend’s Subway Series.

I can’t wait to face those chickens. I want to strike out the side against them. I’ve done it before.


Whoa. Take it easy, Gary Payton. My five-year-old nieces sling better insults than that. Frank Frank could’ve called the Yankees ‘big, stupid doo-doo heads’ and I would’ve had more respect for him. I have no problem with talking trash, but if you’re going to run your mouth at least make it a good jab.

Furthermore, if you’re going to call a team chicken at least say why you’re calling them that. This tool refused to elaborate on why he said it:

I think I’ve said too much already.


Calling out a team and then not saying why you called them out is the epitome of being a chicken. Then again, should I have expected anything from the Mets besides blatant hypocrisy? It’s like when Jets fans ran their mouths for two-plus seasons even though their team never won — let alone made it to — the Super Bowl, but when the G-Men actually won the SB and their fans gave Jets fans a taste of their own medicine they had a conniption and started crying.

On another note, while he has struck out the side against the Yankees his career numbers against them aren’t anything to write home about. Not awful, but not something to start running your mouth about.

I realize he didn’t pitch in the previous Subway Series this season, but when your team has to sweep the upcoming series in order to JUST SPLIT the season series maybe you should lay off the third-grade insults. Especially when you’re boasting some piss-poor numbers on the year.

Nobody calls the Yankees chicken:

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