Happy Father's Day From Yanks Go Yard!

We here at Yanks Go Yard want to wish all of the dads out there a happy Father’s Day! Personally, I know that if it wasn’t for my dad I wouldn’t be a Yankee fan so I want to use this day to be grateful that he raised me right.

On a more serious note, there are a lot of people out there who don’t have the privilege of being able to see their old men, so, if you are able to, use this day to give your pops a hug and say thanks. Forget about that time he wouldn’t let you stay out past curfew or didn’t buy you a car when you got your license, remember all the things he HAS done for you.

On a less serious note, let’s give thanks to our father who art in heaven. Deliver us from evil (the Red Sox):

Hallowed be thy name.

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