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Chavez, Mo, and... Lin?: Monday Yankees Links

  • Although I said in a post yesterday that the Yankees had tied up all their loose ends this winter, Eric Chavez completely slipped my mind. Now that the Raul Ibanez deal is in the books, the Yanks plan to get serious about locking Chavez up for another year.
  • Under the new CBA the Yankees will have a total of $4.2M to spend on their first eleven draft picks. That seems like chump change compared to the $12.3M allocated to the Twins. But it could be worse: the Angels will have a mere $1.6M to spend.
  • Since no conversation is complete without a mention of Jeremy Lin these days, Brian Cashman used the Knicks’ phenom as inspiration for a group of young Yankees pitchers.
  • Finally, say it ain’t so, Mo! Well, Mariano didn’t really say anything for sure, but he did hint that he might be considering retirement after this season. Personally, I won’t have it. I’m just going to keep believing that Mo is somehow ageless and will pitch forever.

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