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Before You Go ... Thanks Derek, Mo

The great Yankee careers of Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter will end some day, just as it ended this past week for Jorge Posada.

While both Jetes and Mo’ have a few years left in Pinstripes, it’s never a bad time to celebrate two of the great ones, two of the classiest players to ever play in New York or in MLB history for that matter.

So thanks Derek, for the dive into the seats for that great catch on a pop-up, the across the body throw to nail Jeremy Giambi at the plate in a playoff game vs. the A’s, for all the clutch hits and great plays you have made while in Pinstripes. It is a pleasure watching you play at such a high level for the greatest team in sports history.

And ditto for you too, Mo’. Thanks for all the saves, all the strikeouts, the (very) few walks and just the overall professionalism you go about doing your business with. It’s great to be watching the best-ever at his job perform it in such a consistently superb way.

I could dig up all the impressive stats on either or both player, but I think most Yankee fans are familiar with the gaudy numbers Rivera and Jeter have produced in the Bronx.

The most important thing to say, before Jeter and Rivera leave the playing field for good in the coming years is this: “Thanks.”

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