Ayala, Selig, and Budgets: Tuesday Links

  • The Yankees are showing some interest in re-signing reliever Luis Ayala. There are still two empty bullpen spots and Ayala would be a cheap, suitable filler for one of them.
  • While there has been a lot of speculation that the Yankees may be sitting on the sidelines this offseason because they have their sights set on next year’s crop of free agents, William at the Captain’s Blog wonders if the Red Sox are pursuing the same strategy.
  • Buster Olney is reporting that the Yankees “will determine in the next couple of weeks whether they will expand their current budget.” Seriously? After all the big free agents and best trade candidates are off the market the Yankees’ brass is deciding NOW that they might expand their budget? This seems a bit late to me. In fact, it’s times like these that make me miss the Boss’s “spend first, ask questions later” style of running the team.
  • And in MLB-wide news, Commissioner Bud Selig has decided he’s not going to retire after all and will get an extension to remain at his post for 2 more years at $20M per. Pretty sweet gig if you can get it, eh?

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