A Moveable Swish: Thursday Yankees Links

Let’s start today’s link-fest with one to be filed under the “completely unsurprising and blatantly obvious” category:

  • The Yankees and Red Sox were the only teams hit with a luxury tax this year, although the Yankees’ bill ($13.9M) was considerably larger than the Red Sox’ ($3.4M).
  • The Indians are among one of a number of clubs interested in Nick Swisher, and now that Carlos Beltran is off the market demand for Swish could increase. About a week ago we took a look at what would be involved in moving Swisher from the Bronx, so if you missed it, you can find that post here.
  • Even though Theo Epstein is now in Chicago, he continues to wreak havoc for the Yankees and is now poaching members of our coaching staff. Actually, that’s a complete exaggeration. But the Yanks’ minor league hitting coordinator James Rowson has left to pursue that same position with the Cubs.
  • There has been plenty of nay-saying concerning Bernie Williams and his chances of being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but Williams fans fear not! Andrew Marchand is with you, and so are some of his fellow writers. Perhaps the doors of the Hall aren’t as tightly closed to Bernie as some are predicting.
  • And finally, we knew the “Joba Chamberlain-to-the-rotation” argument was bound to happen sometime, and Matt at the Yankee Analysts went there today. After all, the Yankees’ lack of action this offseason strongly suggests they are comfortable with their internal pitching options, and Matt makes a few great points as to why Joba as a starter could make a lot of sense.

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