Around Yankees Universe: Links and Notes

While we’re anxiously waiting to hear who won the bidding on Yu Darvish, let’s take a trip around the web to see what the other Yankees blog folks are chatting about today.

  • William at The Captain’s Blog has a great discussion about the inactivity so far this offseason and how this could signal the beginnings of a more patient, more frugal (relatively) Yankees team. He makes a solid point in noting that the Yankees are better off economically and competitively if the Yankees make long-term moves that are “more like Sabathia and less like A.J. Burnett.” As much as I agree with that logic, I still have a hard time shaking my frustration over lack of action this winter. But maybe my “shiny new toy” syndrome will dissipate after Christmas…
  • Speaking of being patient, EJ at Yankee Analysts gives us his top-5 minor league darkhorses that could have a significant impact in the next few years, or at the very least be tempting trade pieces if the right deal comes along.
  • River Avenue Blues took a look at Edwin Jackson and debated the pros and cons of slotting him into the Yankees’ rotation next season. Ultimately, their verdict was to steer clear of him, and I agree. Over his 9-year career Jackson is 60-60 with a 4.46 ERA, though he did put up a 3.79 ERA in 31 starts with the Cardinals and the White Sox in 2011. However, 2011 was only the second season that Jackson has managed to post a sub-4.00 ERA (the other was 2009; 3.62 ERA) and he tends to walk a lot of batters, although that number also came down in 2011. And of course, his agent is Scott Boras who will no doubt be looking for serious years and serious money for his 28-year old client. No thanks.

UPDATE: Our young friend Haley Smilow is becoming quite the celebrity in the Yankees internet community as her interview with Curtis Granderson was published by yet another site today. If you haven’t read Haley’s interview with Grandy yet, check it out here.

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