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MLB Bans... Corporate Tattoos?

Yes, it’s true – in addition to altering the luxury tax and revenue sharing provisions, instituting additional replay, and banning the use of smokeless tobacco in front of fans, the new CBA also bans players from getting corporate logos tattooed on their bodies. Maybe I’m out of the loop on this one, but I wasn’t aware there was a corporate logo tattoo epidemic in MLB. Indeed, a Google image search of “MLB player tattoos” doesn’t turn up a single player with corporate ink, although there are plenty of options that would be right at home on Ugliest Tattoos (looking at you, Scott Spiezio).

Of course, there could be a few corporate tats scattered around the league that I just haven’t noticed. I’ll admit that I’m not the most observant person sometimes. For instance, I didn’t know until today that CC Sabathia has a full sleeve on his right arm, and it was at least July before I realized Andruw Jones has ink on BOTH arms. How about that? On the other hand, I have noticed the rise of terrible neck tattoos in MLB of late. Maybe the next CBA can do something about outlawing those…

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