New York Yankees Tweet Beat

The Yankees on Twitter aren’t nearly as active with the tweeting as some MLB players (*cough* Logan Morrison *cough). But a few of them have taken to Twitter more than usual lately which leads me to believe they are as bored with the offseason as I am.

Joba Chamberlain was out and about last night and encountered an epic Christmas sweater that will surely be the highlight of many Ugly Sweater parties this holiday season:

Good stuff. CC Sabathia took his son Carter to get his first haircut this morning…

… and the little dude looks pretty skeptical about the whole thing. Fortunately for Carter, Jimmy Rollins can sympathize.

My favorite part of this whole exchange is CC’s “hahaha” and the mental image I have of him getting a big, jolly belly laugh out of the situation.

And finally, Mark Teixeira would like us to know that he is excited (but not too excited) about the Jets game and their drive for the playoffs:

Geez, Teix, reel it in with all that emotion and what not…

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